No progress in lives of people under BJP Govt: Priyanka
   Date :27-May-2024

CONGRESS leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Sunday lashed out at the BJP-led Centre, asking why there is no prosperity in the lives of people if the country’s economy is growing at a rapid pace. Addressing her first poll rally in Punjab in favour of party candidate from Fatehgarh Sahib seat Amar Singh, she also accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “speaking lies and making hollow promises with the public only to capture power.” Attacking the Modi Government, she said 70 crore youth are unemployed in the country and unemployment is the highest in 45 years.
She said 30 lakh posts are vacant in the government sector under the Modi regime. “He (Modi) makes big claims that the economy is growing at a rapid pace. I want to ask if it is growing so fast then and if there is progress in the country then why there is no progress in your (people) lives. Why did your children not get employment? the Congress general secretary said. “And why inflation has gone up too much. If the country is progressing fast then why are steel factories here shutting down. Why the industry is being weakened by imposing GST. There is not even a single scheme for the middle class and for your relief,” Gandhi said. Progress is only being seen on TV and no progress is taking place in your lives, she told the gathering.
She accused the BJP of not respecting the public at all. “They do not speak about your problems. They do not tell what they are doing to contain inflation and bring down unemployment,” she said. It is only the Congress which speaks about the public, she asserted. Polling will be held in Punjab on June 1 and the results will be declared on June 4.