PM’s ‘mujra’ remark is an ‘insult to Bihar’: Kharge
   Date :27-May-2024

PM’s mujra remark 
SASARAM (Bihar), 
CONGRESS President Mallikarjun Kharge on Sunday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his ‘mujra’ remark against Opposition leaders and said that the latter “insulted Bihar” by making this comment. Addressing an election rally in favour of Congress leader and Mahagathbandhan nominee Manoj Kumar from Sasaram Lok Sabha constituency, Kharge said, “PM used mujra words for opposition leaders in an election rally in Bihar on Friday…Modi ji insulted Bihar by using this word…it means mujra happens here. This is an insult to Bihar and its electorates.”
“PM Modi considers himself as ‘Tismarkhan’…He is under the wrong impression. It is the people who are real Tismarkhan. He (PM) is a dictator…If becomes PM for the third term, people will not be allowed to say anything at all”, said the Congress president. He said, “This election is basically people vs Modi… not Rahul vs Modi.”