N Korean rocket carrying its 2nd spy satellite explodes in mid-air
   Date :29-May-2024

N Korean rocket carrying 
A ROCKET launched by North Korea to deploy the country’s second spy satellite exploded shortly after liftoff on Monday, State media reported, in a setback for leader Kim Jong Un’s hopes to field satellites to monitor the US and South Korea. Monday’s failed launch came hours after leaders of South Korea, China and Japan met in Seoul in their first trilateral meeting in more than four years. It’s highly unusual for North Korea to take provocative action when China, its major ally and economic pipeline, is engaging in high-level diplomacy in the region. The launch drew rebukes from the North’s neighbours because the UN bans North Korea from conducting any such launches, viewing them as covers for testing long-range missile technology.
The North’s official Korean Central News Agency said it launched a spy satellite aboard a new rocket at its main north-western space centre. But KCNA said the rocket blew up during a first-stage flight soon after liftoff due to a suspected engine problem. KCNA cited the unidentified Vice Director of the National Aerospace Technology Administration as saying that a preliminary examination showed that the explosion was related to the reliability of operation of the newly developed liquid oxygen-petroleum engine. He said other possible causes will be investigated, according to KCNA. Japan’s Government briefly issued a missile warning for the southern prefecture of Okinawa, urging residents to take shelter inside buildings and other safer places. The warning was lifted later because the region was no longer in danger,