Food Poisoning :70 villagers fall ill
   Date :03-May-2024

Food Poisoning 
Our Correspondent
PANIC prevailed as more than 70 villagers fell ill due to food poisoning after consuming Prasad during a religious event held at Domanpur village in Dabhra block of Sakti district. Massive Ram Saptah event took place in Gram Domanpur, attracting a large number of villagers who participated in the distribution of Prasad, consisting of traditional sweets like Rasgulla and Poha, among other items. The religious gathering attracted a significant crowd, with hundreds of people actively partaking in the Prasad offerings. However, the celebratory mood turned grim as night fell, with over 70 villagers, including men, women and children, suddenly experiencing symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea.
The health crisis swiftly spread throughout the village, affecting residents from neighbouring areas such as Domanpur and Govindpur. Prompt action was taken by local villagers, who mobilized to transport the affected villagers to nearby healthcare centres. Patients were admitted to primary health centres in Chandrapur and Sapros, as well as Dabha hospital. Additionally, a considerable number of patients required transfer to Raigarh Hospital for further medical attention. Dr Madhuri Chandra, the Block Medical Officer (BMO) at the Community Health Centre in Dabhara, confirmed the situation, stating that the outbreak of food poisoning was directly linked to the consumption of Prasad during the Ram Saptah celebrations in Gram Domanpur. Currently, all affected villagers are undergoing treatment under the supervision of doctors.