Haldiram’s presents Aam Panna, MadhurLassi, Buttermilk and Masala Buttermilk
   Date :05-May-2024

Haldirams  Aam Panna
Business Reporter :
HALDIRAM’S, oneofthecountry’s famous and trusted brands, has come out with refreshing drinks specially for the summer season. It offers Aam Panna, Madhur Lassi, Buttermilk and Masala Buttermilk in small packs. Aam Panna, the ultimate summerrefresher, is ablendof tanginess and sweetness, perfectly balanced to soothe your senses. Made from ripe mangoes, mintleaves, anda hintof spices, this traditional Indian beverage is a powerhouse of nutrients, keepingyou hydrated and refreshed during the scorching heat. Its rejuvenatingpropertiesnotonlyquench yourthirst but also boost your immunity, making it a musthave during the summer months. Introducing ‘Madhur Lassi’ – the quintessential summer delight that embodies the essence of refreshment and indulgence.
This traditional Indian beverage promises to beyourgo-tocompanioninthe scorching heat of summer. Crafted with the perfect blend of yogurt, milk, and sweetness,MadhurLassioffers refreshingflavorswitheachsip. Whetheryou'reloungingbythe poolside, enjoying a picnic in the park, or simply craving a refreshing treat at home, this creamyconcoctionissuretoelevate your summer experience. Theultimatesummersaviors - Buttermilk and Masala Buttermilk, are more than justbeverages; they are refreshingand nourishing drinks duringsummers. They are made withyogurt, water, salt, and spices, which are cooling and aromatic. Buttermilk and MasalaButtermilk aid digestion andserve as an energy source during the hot weather. Buttermilk, with its creamytexture and subtle tanginess, offers a soothing escape fromthe scorching sun. While theMasalaButtermilkaddsaspicytwist to the taste. Both these refreshing concoctionsnotonlyquenchyourthirst but also replenish yourbody with essential nutrients, making themtheperfect companions for your summeradventures. Beat the heat andelevate your summer experience with the timeless goodness of Buttermilk and MasalaButtermilk. Embrace the season with every sip.