BJP will win all 11 LS seats in State: Sai
   Date :06-May-2024

BJP will win all 11 LS seats 
Staff Reporter
As the electioneering for the third phase of the Lok Sabha election ended on Sunday,Chief Minister Vishnu Deo Sai has said that the election is being held on the accomplishments of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government’s ten years as well as the accomplishments of the State Government during its three-month tenure. Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and several senor BJP leaders and Ministers campaigned in the state to ensure a clean sweep for the BJP in State. Addressing a press conference the chief minister said the ongoing elections as a unique experience for him adding that he addressed over 106 public meetings during the campaign and highlighted the extensive outreach efforts undertaken by his government. Expressing confidence in the electoral outcome, Sai proclaimed that the BJP would emerge victorious in all 11 Lok Sabha seats in the state.
He also highlighted the presence of foreign delegates who observed the election process, showcasing the democratic spirit of the nation on a global stage. Aiming at the leaders of the INDI Alliance, Chief Minister Sai accused them of resorting to language misuse and creating confusion among voters. He criticized the previous Congress government for its poor implementation of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and delayed disbursement of bonuses to farmers. On a positive note, Sai praised the state government’s successful procurement of 21 quintals per acre of paddy as promised, along with the implementation of initiatives such as the Mahtari Vandan Yojana and Ram Lalla Darshan Yojana. Additionally, he announced the government’s decision to procure standard tendu leaf sacks at an increased fair price of Rs 5500 per standard bag in tribal-dominated regions.
Sai stated they also instituted CBI investigation into the alleged irregularities in the Public Service Commission (PSC) and reaffirmed his party’s commitment to rooting out corruption and ensuring transparency in governance. The Chief Minister further said the erosion of public trust in the Congress party has led to a significant loss of confidence not only among voters but also within the party itself. This sentiment has become increasingly evident as leaders, spanning from corporators to senior members, are leaving the Congress ranks reflecting a broader disillusionment with the party’s direction and leadership. Sai reiterated his party’s vision to transform India into a developed nation by 2047, urging active participation from citizens to empower the country and re-elect Modi as Prime Minister. He underscored the benefits of schemes like Ayushman Bharat and expressed confidence in the BJP’s electoral prospects, urging voters to support the party for a brighter future.