INDI alliance is leading in Lok Sabha elections: Baij
   Date :06-May-2024

INDI alliance  
Staff Reporter
State Congress President Deepak Baij asserted that an INDI alliance Government is poised to take shape following the alliance’s leading position in the recently concluded two phases of the Lok Sabha elections. Speaking to the press at the state Congress party headquarters in Rajiv Bhawan, Raipur, Baij noted a notable shift in the voting trend, causing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders to adopt a nervous tone and alter their rhetoric. According to Baij, BJP leaders struggled to highlight any significant achievements of the Central government over the past decade and resorted to divisive tactics, attempting to sway voters by invoking religious, cultural, and dietary matters. Furthermore, Baij highlighted the exposure of BJP’s concealed agenda to amend the constitution and eliminate reservation policies during the Lok Sabha election campaign.
He emphasized that the public recognized BJP’s intentions to secure over 400 seats to pursue constitutional amendments, which, according to Baij, aimed to undermine provisions safeguarding the rights of marginalized communities outlined by Baba Saheb in the constitution. Baij credited the Congress party’s positive campaign, centered on its promise of five Nyay (justice) initiatives outlined in its manifesto, for garnering widespread support and fostering a desire for change among voters nationwide. Baij asserted that farmers, laborers, and women are rallying behind the prospect of a Congressled government, with a growing momentum for change palpable among these demographics. He expressed optimism about the future, citing the electorate’s newfound hope in Congress’s pledges. The press conference was attended by Congress National Spokesman Ajay Upadhyay, State Congress Media Chief Sushil Anand Shukla, Chairman of the War-room for the Lok Sabha elections Shailesh Nitin Trivedi, and other prominent Congress leaders.