Democratic fervour 4 generations of Jain family come together to vote
   Date :08-May-2024

Democratic fervour  
Staff Reporter
In a heartening display of democratic fervour, four generations of the Jain family in Raipur came together to participate in the Lok Sabha elections. Setting aside their morning routines, the family prioritised their civic duty and headed straight to the polling booth at the BP Pujari School in the Raipur North Assembly constituency. Led by 84-year-old Babulal Jain, the eldest member of the family, the Jains exemplified the spirit of democracy by casting their votes collectively. Their commitment to electoral participation was underscored by their proactive approach, which included undergoing health checkups for blood pressure and sugar levels upon entering the polling premises.
Following the health screening, the Jain family members were pleasantly surprised to find comfortable waiting rooms set up for voters, offering respite from the queues. Instead of standing in line, benches were provided, ensuring a more convenient and accessible voting experience for both men and women. Reflecting on the seamless arrangements made by the Election Commission, Babulal Jain expressed his gratitude, stating, “I am very happy to participate in this festival of democracy. The Election Commission has made excellent arrangements for this, for which I am grateful.” His sentiment was echoed by other family members, including Manish Jain, who lauded the provision of waiting rooms and drinking water facilities.