Neglected Bandhua Pond awaits authorities’ attention
   Date :09-May-2024

Neglected Bandhua Pond 
Our Correspondent
The neglected Bandhua Pond is in dire need of attention from authorities. Despite being a vital water source for decades, it has been left dry for the past two years after water was drained for the removal of water hyacinth. This has caused significant inconvenience for residents, particularly during festivals and religious events, where the pond was traditionally relied upon for water. Originally constructed in the 1960s, the pond's construction and beautification were left incomplete during the Congress administration, with the BJP repeatedly highlighting the issue. It is only now, under BJP governance, that efforts to address the situation are under way.
Today, the once-thriving Bandhua Pond stands barren, serving as grazing grounds for abandoned cattle and makeshift parking for vehicles during events like the Mavli Fair. Adjacent to the pond lies the only crematorium, where water is now sourced from taps or municipal tankers for funeral rites. CMO Ashish Korram of the Municipal Council has assured that the process of retaining wall construction is going on at Bandhua Pond, with contractors instructed to expedite the work within the agreed two-year timeframe. Efforts are underway to restore the pond and alleviate the water scarcity faced by the people.