Parents freely express against schools’ arbitrary fee hike
   Date :09-May-2024

Parents freely express  
Staff Reporter
Collector Deepak Saxena on Wednesday, conducted open hearing of complaints received against Christ Church, Gyan Ganga Orchid International School, Little World Katanga and Tilwaraghat, Satyaprakash School, Polipathar, Ajay Satyaprakash School, Chaitanya Techno School and Nalanda School. During the open hearing, parents openly expressed their problems about arbitrary fee increase and irregularities. The Collector sought factual information regarding the complaints from the managers and principals of all the schools, who were unable to give satisfactory replies and gave vague answers. After hearing both the sides of story, the Collector issued strict instructions to the schools management to improve its working system otherwise a criminal case will be registered against them. The parents were facing troubles due to unexpected increase in fees without any prior notice, different fees for the same class in the same school, being compelled by the schools to get dress and educational material from a particular shop, refusing TC and compelling parents to take coaching for their wards.
The parents associated with Gyan Ganga Orchid International School, face a lots of problem at local level as fees, books, dresses etc. are directed from their Bangalore-based office. The Collector expressed his displeasure over the school manager was unable to present a logical answer on this issue and directed to take necessary action. Another parents associated with the same school complained that though he was ready to pay 50 thousand rupees for taking out TC, but TC is not being given and the fees are being increased continuously, there are different fee structures in the same class. Along with the child’s ID card, a fee of Rs 450 is also being charged for the parents’ ID card. During investigation, many flaws were found in the said schools. Parents told that the dresses for the nursery children of Gyan Ganga International School also come from Bangalore for Rs 13 thousand each. Along with arbitrary fees, a separate fee of Rs 5,000 each is charged in the name of Pizza Party like they organize at Bangalore.
Simillarly, the Christ Church School increased its fees without prior notice. The representative of Christ Church had no information regarding ISBN as most of the books in the school were of B category and the books were being operated without ISBN numbers. The Collector instructed the concerned officer to take necessary action against the same. Collector Saxena also heard the complaints receivied against Satyaprakash School Polipathar, Ajay Satyaprakash School Panagar, Chaitanya Techno School and Nalanda School and warned the schools authorities not to conspire against the parents and operate their schools in a proper manner. Without any pre-notice about increase in fee, Satyaprakash recovered Rs. 3.5 crores from the parents. The Collector asked to conduct audit against the same.