Total 71.98% recorded in 7 LS seats of Chhattisgarh under third phase
   Date :09-May-2024

Chhattisgarh under third phase 
Staff Reporter
A total voter turnout of 71.98 per cent was recorded in seven Lok Sabha seats of Chhattisgarh under the third phase Lok Sabha elections held on Tuesday. As per information received from the office of Chief Electoral Officer Chhattisgarh, highest 79.89 per cent turnout was recorded in Surguja Lok Sabha constituency while lowest 64.77 per cent was recorded in Bilaspur Lok Sabha seat. 78.85 per cent voter turnout was recorded in Raigarh Lok Sabha seat, 67.56 per cent in Janjgir-Champa Lok Sabha seat, 75.63 per cent in Korba Lok Sabha seat, 73.68 per cent in Durg Lok Sabha seat and 66.82 per cent in Raipur Lok Sabha seat. In Surguja Lok Sabha constituency, 78.71 per cent voter turnout was recorded in Premnagar assembly constituency, 79.78 per cent in Bhatgaon, 80.98 per cent in Pratappur, 80.4 per cent in Ramanujganj assembly constituency, 81.57 per cent in Samri assembly constituency, 84.04 per cent in Lundra assembly constituency, 75.20 per cent in Ambikapur assembly constituency and 79.71 per cent in Sitapur assembly constituency. In Raigarh Lok Sabha constituency, 75.44 per cent voter turnout was recorded in Jashpur assembly constituency, 77.20 per cent in Kunkuri assembly constituency, 77.96 per cent in Patthalgaon assembly constituency, 84.26 per cent in Lailunga, 75.45 per cent in Raigarh assembly constituency, 74.66 per cent in Sarangarh assembly constituency, 83.54 per cent in Kharsia and 84.61 per cent in Dharamjaigarh assembly constituency.
In Janjgir-Champa Lok Sabha seat, 71.39 per cent voter turnout was recorded in Akaltara assembly constituency, 73.10 per cent in Janjgir-Champa assembly constituency, 71.79 per cent in Sakti assembly constituency, 68.88 per cent in Chandrapur assembly constituency, 65.10 per cent in Jaijaipur assembly constituency, 64.48 per cent in Pamgarh assembly constituency, 65.24 per cent in Bilaigarh assembly constituency and 64 per cent in Kasdol assembly constituency. In Korba Lok Sabha constituency, 82.45 per cent voter turnout was recorded in Bharatpur-Sonhat assembly constituency, 71.46 per cent in Manendragarh assembly constituency, 80.23 per cent in Baikunthpur assembly constituency, 77.80 per cent in Rampur assembly constituency, 63.18 per cent in Korba assembly constituency, 74.81 per cent in Katghora assembly constituency, 79.58 per cent in Pali-Tanakhar assembly constituency and 78.62 per cent in Marwahi assembly constituency.
In Bilaspur Lok Sabha constituency, 69.66 per cent voter turnout was recorded in Kota assembly constituency, 66.49 per cent in Lormi assembly constituency, 67.06 per cent in Mungeli assembly constituency, 69.51 per cent in Takhatpur assembly constituency, 65.75 per cent in Bilha assembly constituency, 57.04 per cent in Bilaspur assembly constituency, 65.21 per cent in Beltara assembly constituency and 59.20 per cent in Masturi assembly constituency. In Durg Lok Sabha seat, 81.98 per cent voter turnout was recorded in Patan assembly constituency, 75.90 per cent in Durg Rural, 69.03 per cent in Durg City, 64.32 per cent in Bhilai Nagar assembly constituency, 67.91 per cent in Vaishali Nagar assembly constituency, 75.15 per cent in Ahirwara assembly constituency, 77.94 per cent in Saja assembly constituency, 76.83 per cent in Bemetara assembly constituency and 72.07 per cent in Nawagarh assembly constituency. In Raipur Lok Sabha constituency, 73.24 per cent voter turnout was recorded in Balodabazar assembly constituency, 69.53 per cent in Bhatapara assembly constituency, 75.64 in Dharsiwa assembly constituency, 59.24 per cent in Raipur Rural assembly constituency, 56.65 per cent in Raipur City West, 57.71 per cent in Raipur City North, 61.42 per cent in Raipur City South, 72.33 per cent in Arang assembly constituency and 81.19 per cent in Abhanpur assembly constituency. The voters exercised their franchise at 15,701 polling stations of seven Lok Sabha seats of the state under the third phase elections on Tuesday. Counting will take place on June 4.