City roads crying for mercy
   Date :10-Jun-2024

City roads crying 
Staff Reporter
In a concerning development, the state of roads in city has deteriorated to an alarming extent, with large potholes cropped up on main thoroughfares. The sorry condition of these roads is not only inconveniencing pedestrians but also posing serious risks to both two-wheeler and four-wheeler commuters. As the monsoon is around the corner of city, the situation is bound to worsen and will make the roads even more risky. Big potholes on major roads have become a nightmare for commuters. Pedestrians struggle to walk through the roads safely due to the uneven surfaces. Likewise, drivers face challenges as they have to manoeuvre around the deep craters which increase the chances of accidents
and vehicle damage.
The overlooking of Jabalpur Municipal Corporation (JMC) towards proper maintenance of roads has reached a critical level. Likewise, adding to people’s woes, dust billows from these potholes pose grave health hazards. The fine particles suspended in the air not only cause respiratory discomfort but may also aggravate existing conditions, especially among children and the elderly. The gravity of the situation demands immediate action to lessen these health risks. With the monsoon season just around the corner, the condition of damaged roads is set to worsen. The heavy rains will further deteriorate the roads, making them even more risky for movement. If concerned authorities do not address the issue on time, Jabalpurians will have to pay for their negligence.
Unfortunately, it appears that the concerned authorities like JMC are turning a blind eye to the plight of the denizens. A number of complaints have been lodged with the JMC administration, but it is paying no heed to the serious issue. The inaction on the part of officials concerned has aggravating frustration and anger among the people, who are now demanding immediate attention to the pressing civic problem. As the monsoon approaching fast, it is vital that the concerned authorities wake up from their slumber and take immediate action to address the awful condition of roads. Failure to do so would not only increase the problems faced by the citizens but also reflect poorly on the efficiency and commitment of civic authorities.