Where is Jabalpur’s Green Revolution?
    Date :10-Jun-2024

Green Revolution 
By Dhanendra Chourasia
In a remarkable display of environmental consciousness, the people of Indore have embarked on a massive tree plantation drive with the aim of making it into the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’. They aim to plant an impressive 51 lakh trees throughout their city on July 14, creating a potential world record. This remarkable initiative of Indore has raised questions about the efforts being made in Jabalpur to enhance its green cover. If the people of Indore can achieve this feat, then the people of Jabalpur can undoubtedly aspire to take on a similar endeavour and aim for the world record. Although tree plantation has been carried out in Jabalpur, the lack of proper maintenance and care has hindered the desired outcomes. Despite initial efforts, the green cover in the city has failed to expand significantly. Factors such as limited public support and a lack of enthusiasm among concerned authorities, including the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation (JMC) have contributed to the situation.
With the monsoon season around the corner, it is vital that the civic body takes immediate action to develop broad plans for extensive plantation in the city. The civic body must also raise awareness among public and ensure their active participation in the crucial task. The success of Indore’s becoming cleanest city of the country and now to be becoming Guinness Book of World Records holder in plantation drive can be attributed to a combination of factors including strong public support, effective co-ordination between authorities and citizens and a shared sense of responsibility towards the environment. By following this model, Sanskardhani also can overcome the obstacles it has faced so far and achieve similar success. The Jabalpur Municipal Corporation must take practical measures to educate and engage public about the importance of plantation and its positive impact on the environment. Likewise, community involvement including schools, colleges and various organisations should also be encouraged to participate in the plantation drive. Furthermore, the civic body should ensure that the necessary infrastructure and resources are available to nurture and maintain the newly-planted trees. Regular monitoring, watering and maintenance programmes must be implemented to ensure the survival and growth of the green cover.
As the monsoon season approaches, the timing is ideal for the JMC to mobilise its resources and launch a comprehensive plantation campaign. By learning from the initiatives of Indore and addressing the shortcomings of previous efforts, Jabalpur has the potential to significantly enhance its green cover and create a sustainable future. The challenge lies ahead for JMC to rise to the occasion, revitalise its plantation efforts and demonstrate the same commitment and determination shown by the civic body and people of Indore. It is through collective action that the city can create a greener and healthier environment for generations to come.