Frequent fire incidents prompt authorities to enforce stringent safety measures for eateries
   Date :13-Jun-2024
Frequent fire incidents prompt authorities
Staff Reporter
In response to a series of alarming fire incidents at various eateries across the city, authorities have intensified their focus on enforcing strict fire and food safety standards. The move comes after two significant fire outbreaks in prominent locations, raising concerns over the fire safety protocols followed by restaurant and hotel operators. The first incident occurred at a two-storey bakery in Sindhi Colony in Kabadkhana area, where a fire broke out, causing significant damage. This was followed by another massive fire at the Milan Restaurant located on the third floor of Bhamashah Tower in MP Nagar’s zone 1. Fortunately, both incidents resulted in no casualties, but they highlighted the urgent need for stringent safety measures.
In light of these events, a meeting was held on June 12 under the chairmanship of Additional District Magistrate (ADM) Himanshu Chandra. The meeting was attended by Sub-Divisional Officer of MP Nagar, L K Khare, deputy assistant and the fire safety team of the municipal corporation. During the meeting, hotel and restaurant operators were instructed to adhere strictly to fire and food safety standards. ADM Himanshu Chandra emphasised the importance of compliance with safety regulations to prevent such incidents in the future. He directed the fire safety team of the municipal corporation to provide comprehensive training to staff on fire safety protocols. Moreover, hotel operators were also instructed to strictly follow food safety standards.
The district administration announced that regular quality checks will be conducted on vegetables and food items used in hotels to ensure compliance with health regulations. These checks aim to prevent any potential health hazards arising from the consumption of substandard or contaminated food. In a bid to ensure continuous compliance, the district administration will conduct surprise inspections through the food department team. Any establishment found violating the prescribed rules will face stringent action. Prominent restaurants in the city, including Bapu Ki Kutia and Sagar Gaire, have already been inspected for fire and food safety compliance. The recent fire incidents have served as a wake-up call highlighting the critical need for robust safety measures. As the district administration steps up its efforts, the co-operation of hotel and restaurant operators will be pivotal in ensuring that Bhopal remains a safe destination for both residents and visitors.