Besa square, Besa-Pipla road residents Struggle with infrastructure woes
   Date :19-Jun-2024
Besa square Besa Pipla road
By Dheeraj Fartode
Despite emerging as a favoured residential destination among citizens, Besa area has been plagued by severe infrastructure deficiencies that continue to disrupt daily life for its residents. The authorities’ inability to provide basic amenities has worsened the situation which led to anger among the locals. The epicenter of the crisis lies at Besa Square, a critical junction connecting Ghogali, Pipla, Manewada, and Manish Nagar. However, what should be a bustling hub has turned into a nightmare for residents due to major traffic jams and inadequate street lighting.
Recent efforts by the Besa Nagar Panchayat to address these issues have fallen short. An anti-encroachments drive around Besa Square after a series of news reports published by this newspaper managed only a partial improvement.
The laying of loose gravel without tarring to patch potholes has left roads uneven which made roads non-motorable for women and aged drivers. A resident lamented that debris from cleared encroachments and poorly patched potholes have made roads dangerous especially during night hours.
The Besa-Pipla road paints a similar picture of neglect by the government authorities. Despite an attempt by Public Works Department officials to fill potholes last year by spending lakhs of rupees, the repairs proved temporary. Today, the road remains narrow and riddled with potholes, and incapable of accommodating the large traffic flow as the road witnesses huge movement of heavy trucks. Due to inadequate street lighting along these thoroughfares made the road unsafe for the walkers especially during the night hours. The local residents urged quick action from local authorities including proper road repairs and improved street lighting.
Yash, Crown Societies residents facing nightmare due to bad roads
The residents of Yash Housing Society and Crown Society on Besa-Pipla Road are facing tremendous problems because the road has not been constructed yet. While other residential areas are getting cement roads, these societies have not received theirs. The residents are demanding that the authorities of the Nagar Panchayat construct a proper road. If constructing a cement road is not possible, they request a tar road so that they can use it daily. The temporary road is not motorable during the rainy season, they said.