Parents to give befitting reply to pvt schools’ dictatorship
   Date :19-Jun-2024

Parents to give befitting reply 
Staff Reporter
The parents and guardians have joined hands against the education mafia and refused to tolerate the dictatorship of private schools. To give befitting reply to the autocracy of private schools, parents and guardians have planned to assemble at Malviya Chowk at 4 pm on Wednesday. According to the parents, to discontinue action taken by the administration with the State Government’s support, the private school mafia have planned another conspiracy to lockdown the schools for indefinite period. All these conspiracies are planned to put pressure on the State Government. As per parents, this is the peak time to joining hands and raise voice against the education mafia, as if the private schools would succeed in their ill-intensions not other officer will ever dare to take action in future.
The parents also appealed others to render their support in their campaign and take a sheet mentioned with their complaints. They asked other parents to take pledge to stand against the dictatorial attitude of the school mafia if they want to safeguard their child’s future. If the private schools would get rigid with their decision not to open the campus in July, these parents appealed the State Government and administration to cancel their affiliations. The parents have made up their minds to render solid support to District Administration so that the campuses once again transform into the ‘Temple of Education’.
It may be mentioned that giving a shock to the education mafia, the Jabalpur district administration has lodged FIR against total 51 persons for recovering illegal school fee of Rs 81.30 crore and books commission of Rs 4.12 crore. The accused included 30 belonging to different schools management, 05 book store owners and owners of 16 publisher houses. Total 20 of the accused have been arrested while rigorous searches were underway to apprehend remaining accused. The administration found huge irregularities in fixation of school fees and increasing unnecessary load of books on children. These irregularities leads to huge corruption in fee hike amounting to Rs 81.30 crore and commission in selling of books worth Rs 4.12 crore.