Plotting of illegal colonies still unaddressed in city
   Date :19-Jun-2024
Plotting of illegal colonies
By Ankita Garg
Predicament of unauthorised colonies and their residents have always been one of the hot button issues raised by the social activists and NGOs. Various letters and directions have been sent to the concerned officials but final action on illegal colonisers could not be taken yet. Activists said that no action mode of Government and bureaucrats is the main reason of mushrooming illegal colonies around the state capital Bhopal. About three years back, FIR was lodge against 200 colonisers but final action against them could not be revealed yet. In most of case, coloniser sell the plot and buyers continue to roam around the municipal corporation office for the facilities. FIR was against unauthorised colonies was lodge in Misrod, Kolar, Ratibad, Sukhi Sewania, Khajuri Sadak, Bilkharia, Chola Mandir, Ayodhya Nagar and many other areas.
During year 2023, municipal corporation, urban and rural investment submitted report to the District Collector revealing the construction of 92 illegal colonies in BMC area. After this report, five spots were identified in which builders, colonisers and farmers did not get NoC for map from Town and Country Planning (T&CP) and even there were no permission for colony development. Former Bhopal Collector Ashish Singh wrote a letter to the Police Commissioner for legal action about one year back. In the letter, it was mentioned that builders, colonisers and institutions are selling false plot and advertising wrong information for plots and flats in municipal corporation areas. The collector sought legal action from police station in-charge Ratibad, Ayodhya Nagar, Chola, Eitkhedi and Nishatpura in this regards. District Collector Kaushlendra Vikram Singh said, “circle SDMs have been asked to prepare the list after identifying the prominent areas. In case of failing to present the permission and other documents, FIR will be lodged. Detail plan is being made to take action against illegal colonisers.” Rashid Noor, social activists said, “Many crackdown have been introduced by the administration against illegal plotting of colonies in past but final action could not be taken yet. Every time list get prepare, spots are identified, FIR lodge but no action could be taken.
This is the main reason of mushrooming illegal colonies on Bhopal. Builders and colonisers know the fact that nothing will be held at last so that have high morale of plotting illegal colonies.” He further said that during March and April 2024, campaigns against such colonisers was carried out in which various plots and illegal constructions were demolished. Administration team has also registered case and lodge FIR in some cases for plotting illegal colonies but final action could not be taken yet. “In past one year more than one thousand illegal colonies have been developed in Bhopal district. Ironically, Government lands are being encroached and no strict action could be taken in these cases yet,” added Rashid Noor. Activists said that concern SDMs conducts survey of the land and submit their report. On ground level, agriculture land situated in border areas of district are being encroached and illegal colonies are being plotted. Land mafia is allegedly selling the plots with consent of farmers at higher price but later at the time of construction, the owner who spent additional amount to purchase the land face inconvenience.
He further informed that areas like Berasia Road, Golkhedi, Dupadia, Bhopal Bypass, Imalia, Malikhedi, Semra, Vankheda, Kolua, Arvalia, Parvalia, Indrakhedi, Jagdishpur, Devalkhedi, Shyampur, Mugalia Kot, Acharpura, Dobra, Mubarakpur, Bhauri, Khajuri Sadak, Kolar, Gehukheda, Eitkhedi Chap, Ratibad, Neelbad, Secundarabad, Salaiya, Gandhinagar, Ayodhya Bypass, Anand Nagar, Bilkhiria, Bhojpur Road, Sukhi Sewania, etc places that are adjacent to the urban locality are mushrooming with illegal colonies. On April 7, around two acre of Government land worth Rs 15 crore was sold by land mafia Bhaiya Bhai, Shahbad and Zaheer Ahmad. On March 7, bulldozer razed the illegal colony being developed as Krishna Kunj in Badwai village of Narela Vidhan Sabha by Mohammed Yusuf and Jaiprakash Asnani. Earlier, in December 2022, illegal colony was being developed on 30 acre of Government land in village Adampur Chawani Pathar.