Investigation begins in allegation of VIP treatment to inmates in Raipur Jail
   Date :08-Jun-2024

Raipur Jail 
Staff Reporter
Investigation has begun into an allegation of VIP treatment being given to prisoners lodged in Raipur Central Jail.
The prisoners availing the facilities include the names of the accused in the coal-liquor scam and those involved in betting through the Mahadev app. They are being provided with facilities ranging from liquor, cigarettes to fridge,
TV and microwave. They are also playing betting through mobile from the jail itself. A prisoner Rakesh Singh Bais, who was released from jail about 2 months ago, had complained about the matter to the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh High Court, Home Minister of the state, Deputy Chief Minister, Director General of Prisons and Jail Superintendent. Now the Jail Superintendent has written a letter and called Bais to give a statement. In fact, Saumya Chaurasia, Suryakant Tiwari and other accused are lodged in different corruption cases.
The hearing of their case is still going on. Rakesh Singh Bais has accused that the accused are getting VIP facilities. According to Rakesh Singh Bais, Saumya Chaurasia, Ranu Sahu, Suryakant Tiwari, Laxmikant Tiwari, Sunil Agrawal, Satish Chandrakar, Arvind Singh, Bhim Singh Yadav, Nikhil Chandrakar and Mineral Department officer SS Nag were being given the facilities. Bais had also alleged that extra time was being given to the visitors of these people. The complainant had alleged that there are more prisoners in the jail cell than its capacity. In such a situation, prisoners have to pay separately to get space in the cell. For this, space is given by making a circle on the basis of tiles placed on the ground. 2 to 3 thousand rupees are taken in lieu of two tiles. Those prisoners who do not pay have to face trouble. Bais himself went to jail in a case of fraud. He is also a former Congress leader. According to him, the police took action against him at the behest of the former Chief Minister and an MLA from Raipur. He was harassed in jail as well. When he was released from jail after 11 months, he gave a written complaint about the matter.
Raipur Central Jail’s Superintendent Amit Shandilya has confirmed that an investigation has been initiated in the case. Jail officials informed that a notice was issued to the complainant to give a statement. Further process will be done after recording the statement. The complainant Rakesh Singh Bais, who has accused the jail management, has now raised questions on this investigation itself. He said that, if the person, against whom the complaint has been made, does the investigation himself? Then how will the investigation be fair. The complainant has reiterated his allegations on social media. “The Jail Department received a complaint to this effect over a month ago that certain inmates lodged in Raipur Central Jail, allegedly received undue treatment during the previous Congress regime. The complaint has been handed over to Raipur Central Jail Superintendent for initiating an in-depth probe, which is currently underway,” Director General, Jail and Correctional Services, Rajesh Mishra (IPS) told ‘The Hitavada.’