Two killed, one injured in attack on suspicion of cow smuggling
   Date :08-Jun-2024
cow smuggling
Staff Reporter
Two individuals were killed and one was injured in an attack on suspicion of cow smuggling on the Mahanadi bridge near Arang, located between Raipur and Mahasamund at around 2.30 am on Friday. The deceased persons have been identified as Chand Mian, a truck driver and Guddu Khan both residents of Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The injured man Saddam Khan is also a resident of Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Raipur.The victims were transporting cattle in a truck, travelling from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, towards Odisha. They loaded the truck from village Baronda of Tilda Tehsil in Raipur. The trio suspected they were being followed and decided to return towards Mahasamund.
Their truck got punctured on the Mahanadi bridge, where a large number of nails were scattered on the road, suggesting foul play. Approximately, 10 to 15 individuals attacked the truck occupants, resulting in Chand Mian’s death at the scene. Guddu Khan succumbed to his injuries at Mahasamund district hospital. Saddam Khan was injured and is being treated in Raipur. Police discovered a large number of nails on the Mahanadi bridge, indicating a deliberate attempt to puncture the truck.
The attackers reportedly threw the truck driver and his associates out of the vehicle during the assault. Arang Police SHO stated that the full circumstances of the attack would be clear only after a thorough investigation and interrogation of the injured once they regained full consciousness. The truck has been secured for investigation. No documents related to the cattle have been found yet. The attackers weren’t also identified yet. Police have reported that the condition of the injured, Saddam Khan, is out of danger. Police are conducting a detailed investigation and are working to gather more information and evidence.