After veggies, hike in spice, pulses price burn hole in pockets
   Date :10-Jul-2024

After veggies hike in spice
By Ankita Garg :
A fortnight after vegetables prices spoiled the monthly budget of household, prices of spices and pulses saw a steep rise. Spike in pulses and spices is adversely affecting the restaurants and food business which is reeling due to the rainfall. Chickpeas, cumin, turmeric, etc have jumped by 40 per cent in the retail market. Traders said that when vegetable price goes up, people prefer to cook lentils, pulses, beans, etc to manage their budget but this time species and pulses have surged to 40 per cent. Chickpeas, which is known as cheapest pulse is being sold for Rs 120 per kilogram. Traders said that every year during month of July and August, prices of gram go up.
They said that crops of gram get harvested in March and April and at the time, new crops dips the price. Gradually, it becomes costlier. Chickpeas is generally grown in Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and other few states. Mahesh Bhateja, wholesale trader of pulses in Bhopal, said, “pigeon pea which is known as ‘Arhar Daal’ is already being sold for Rs 200 per kg and its price is stable for months but chickpeas is unstable. Last month chickpeas was being sold for Rs 80 to 100 per kg but now it is being sold for Rs 120 to 130 per kg.” Ravindra Sen, wholesale trader of species, said, “production of turmeric has gone down due to which its price is becoming higher.
Last year whole sale price of turmeric was Rs 80 per kg but this year it is being sold for Rs 170 per kg.” He further said, cumin has also seen Rs 20 hike and it is being sold for Rs 320 per kg. In the same way, cardamom, cinnamon, etc are costlier. He said, red chilly is also set to become dearer by 30 per cent. Vimlesh Vijayvergia, a household lady in Danish Nagar, said, “vegetable and fruit price were already giving tough time and now pulses, spice have spoiled the budget. Tomatoes, onion and green vegetables are becoming costlier and now It is becoming tough to manage the kitchen with same monthly budget.”