Buyers shell out Rs 50-55/kg for onions, potatoes
   Date :10-Jul-2024

onions potatoes
Business Reporter :
UNSEASONAL rains have damaged the crops of the onion, potato, garlic and ginger due to which these agriculture commoditiesare arrivinginthemarkets inlessquantityhere in the city’swholesale market.Vegetable wholesalers basedinKalamna market yard told The Hitavada on Tuesday thatunseasonalrainsandhailstorm in some areas during the recent summer have negatively impacted the crops in respective areas.
Marathwada and some parts of Western Maharashtra from where we get onions, had witnessed unfavorable climatic conditions in April and May duetowhich thefarmers failed to grow the required quantity of onions. Gaurav Harde, President of Kanda Batata Aditya Welfare AssociationatKalamnawholesale market, said onions were sold at a price of Rs 30-35 per kg on Tuesday. “Right now the customers are paying Rs 50- 55 per kg for onions. But it seems that the shortage may further aggravate and the prices may go up in following months.
We may see further hikes of Rs 10-15 per kg in the prices of onion till the arrival of a new crop of the commodity,” he said, adding that the new crop of onion will arrive in September- October. Itis importantto note thatthe onion prices have been flying high for the past 40-50 days. Similarly, potato growing farmers in Uttar Pradesh and parts of Madhya Pradesh had also faced similar conditions whicheventually damagedthe crop. “The month of April saw rainfall in some of the leading potato growing districts in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and thus we are now facing its shortages.Theshortage may continue for the next two months and prices may furthergoup,”Hardeobserved. On Tuesday, potatoes were sold at a price of Rs 30-35 per kg in the wholesale market and Rs 50-55 per kg in the retail markets. Inthemeanwhile, theprices of ginger and garlic are continuing its high levels of Rs 120-130 per kg and Rs 180-220 per kg respectively forthe past 50-60 days. One of the dealers of ginger and garlic, on a condition of anonymity,saidthatgarlicmay take three-four months to see a fall in prices. On the other hand, he said prices of ginger may come downoncefarmersinthenearby places start supplying it.