State Head of Prism holography security films arrested
    Date :10-Jul-2024

State Head of Prism holography
The State Economic Offences Investigation & Anti Corruption Bureau has seized crucial evidence related to duplicate holograms in the ongoing excise scam investigation. Dilip Pandey, State Head of Prism Holography Security Films Pvt. Ltd., a company supplying duplicate holograms, has been arrested. Based on information obtained during the inquiry, the Bureau has seized the hard drive of the industrial computer connected to the hologram printing setup in the ground floor room of the GST office in Nava Raipur.
This hard drive contained the serial numbers of the duplicate holograms and was duly videographed and seized. Additionally, documents used for printing and transporting duplicate holograms from the Noida headquarters of Prism Company to Raipur, which included the numbers and other details of the duplicate holograms, have been recovered by Dilip Pandey. These documents are currently under examination. During interrogation, it has been confirmed that between 2019 and 2022, fake holograms were supplied to distilleries in Chhattisgarh by Vidhu Gupta, owner of Prism Holography, with the involvement of the main accused of the syndicate, Anil Tuteja, Anwar Dhebar, and Arunpati Tripathi. Further legal proceedings are underway in this matter.