Nihansh making right moves
   Date :05-Jul-2024

Sports Reporter
NIHANSH Khode from Nagpur with his spectacular performance got FIDE ratings in all three categories from recently conducted 17th GH Raisoni Memorial Chess Festival consisting of 17th GH Raisoni Memorial FIDE Rating Classical, Rapid and Blitz Rating Chess Tournaments held at Nagpur. The promising little genius Nihansh who is 2018 born and is just six years old, is now having FIDE rating in all three formats of chess. The FIDE Rating search on FIDE website reveals that Nihansh is now the number one player in India among the 2018 born little kids having Classical Rating of 1511 points. Nihansh also has Rapid FIDE Rating of 1420 and Blitz FIDE Rating of 1427. While the kids of Nihansh’s age are usually busy in their enjoyment, this calm and composed tiny tot Nihansh since last one year has been on Nagpur chess circuit.
Nihansh started playing chess in January 2023 and has been continuously winning medals and trophies in Nagpur events. He is winner of this year’s Nagpur District Under-7 Chess Championship. With his parents’ staunch support, Nihansh participates regularly in various events even outside Nagpur and bags the first position in his age group. He is excellent in studies too having participated in the Little Star Olympiad, Silver Zone Foundation, New Delhi and achieved gold medals. A student of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Nihansh is a promising young talent of Nagpur City. The Chess Association Nagpur has congratulated Nihansh for the splendid achievements and have wished him success for all his future endeavours.