Date :09-Jul-2024

time and tide
UNION Home Ministry initiating disciplinary action against Kolkata Commissioner of Police Mr. Vineet Goyal and Deputy Commissioner of Police Ms. Indira Mukherjee, has made to the news. But, the action came in response to West Bengal Governor Mr. Ananda Bose’s report in which it was said that the functioning of the officers was ‘completely unbecoming’ of public servant.
This complaint in relation to West Bengal is becoming more frequent now. Protesting the likely action against a few officers, the West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee had staged a sit-in. This clearly indicates that many a public servant in West Bengal are either working under tremendous political pressure or are surrendering to the political establishment there for whatever the reasons. In both the cases, the atmosphere does not appear to be conducive for public servants to discharge their duties in true spirit. If political power is so dominant as to put public servants in a fix, it takes no time for the public interest to be relegated to last priority. This is not good for democratic system. This should not happen either in West Bengal or any other State in the country. Steps need to be taken urgently to stem the rot before it plagues the larger society.