one more shop
   Date :09-Jul-2024

WHAT can be described as ‘one more shop’, new political party has surfaced in Pakistan -- launched by Mr. Shaheed Khaqan Abbasi who served as the country’s Prime Minister for ten months in 2017-18 -- with the title Awaam Pakistan Party (APP) and an avowed purpose of re-establishing the Constitution’s supremacy by making the statutory power to flow to the district level. In other words, Pakistan will now have one more political shop in the arena -- and will only add to the already prevailing confusion. For, when political games are played without any well-defined ideology, the outcome is what Pakistan’s domestic politics offers. With the Army still firmly in charge of all political movement in the country, addition of one more political party is going to make little difference to the sum and substance of the current scenario, no matter then that a former short-term Prime Minister is heading a new attempt. This is the actual story of Pakistan’s internal affairs.
No matter how hard some persons may try to make sense out of domestic politics, Pakistan is less likely to see something sensible taking place in public affairs. That is so mainly because the collective political leadership of the country has destroyed the concept and spirit of constitution and law -- just to milk Pakistan’s resources and feed itself fat at the cost of common people. With such an ideological poverty dominating the pyramid of power, one more political shop is not going to make any critical difference to the scenario. All that can be expected is that there will be one more claimant to the spoils of power whenever a situation arises. There is every likelihood that Mr. Shaheed Khaqan Abbasi has the blessings of his former boss, ex-Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif who is feeling left out in the top-level political game for many reasons. For, the man started his political career under the tutelage of Mr.Nawaz Sharif who led a faction of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N). It is quite possible that the new political shop has a secret master in Mr. Nawaz Sharif who has never given up his stakes in the top-level political game.
The games the Pakistan Army plays are bewildering, to say the least. It often offers triggers to political parties to start new games, and then goes silent -- as if waiting for the scene to heat up and cause nuisance at different levels. Until those games do not disturb the agenda of the Masters in the Uniform, everything keeps going on like business as usual. But when some turbulence starts disturbing the Army’s agenda, something different appears on the scene -- possibly like the APP of Mr. Shaheed Khaqan Abbasi. For, in Pakistan, nothing moves in politics unless it is blessed by the Army, as the world believes. Pakistan’s domestic politics, of course, offers a sharp contrast to what is happening in India with elections taking place at regular intervals, with power changing hands or continuing with old hands as usual, with crores of people lining up to cast their franchise to elect their leaders, with change of guards taking place as if it is a regular affair ...!
So, when some Pakistani leader starts talking about philosophy and ideology, he only makes himself a subject of derision or cheap humour -- which happened also in the case of the legendary cricketer Mr. Imran Khan when he formed political party and rode to power after some years. No matter his tall talk, Mr. Imran Khan could not make a damned difference to the power games in the country. That is going to be the fate of every political move in Pakistan -- until the Army is transformed completely through whatever miracle of any kind and becomes ‘professional’.