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get vocal for Handmade

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, there is a heightened awareness within the media about being ‘Vocal For Local’, especially when it comes to fashion. Last weekend saw fashion bodies such as the Fashion Design Council of India and Lakme Fashion Week asking the fashion fraternity to share pictures with the hashtag #Vocal4Handmade. When it comes to textiles, no country can rival the heritage and beauty of Indian craftsmanship...

'stay true to your fashion'

Fashion influencer Aashna Shroff enjoys a huge fan following on her social media handle. Her target audience is young and fashionable. Her mantra and something she advices aspiring bloggers to follow is always stay true to yourself and your sense of style, cause that's the only way they'll stand out. With over 794k followers on Instagram, Shroff is known for her chic style and trendy fashion choices; this makes her a hot favourite amongst brands to promote their products. Shroff speaks about her collaborat..

A Boss Bride Guide

2019 -- It truly has been a great year for female representation and we are surrounded by exemplary boss ladies and young women entrepreneurs who seamlessly manage a work-life balance. But, the struggle gets real when it's your big day! It's a real hustle to run your business and plan your dream wedding at the same time. Keeping the chaos in check ensures your big fat Indian wedding is more fun than fuss. We have you covered on how to beat those moments of stress, read on for insider tricks from Sanna ..

Personality limitations can be overcomed

Q. My daughter got married a year and half ago, but she is not happy and wants to come back home. She lives in another country andweareworriedabout her.Wehave tried talking to her over phone, but she keeps crying a lot. It pains us to see her like this, but we are unable to understand her problem. The boy seems good and well behaved, yet she seems to be having trouble adjusting to a foreign land. She is our only daughter and child. How do we help her? Can you help her in some way? Please tell uswewill ..

‘Foodie call’, the latest trend

 Washington D.C: When the date is going bad, good food seems like the only saving grace right? Well, turns out, there are women who go on dates only to have some lips making free food, recent findings suggest. This new trend is being called ‘foodie calls’. New psychology research reveals 23-33% of women in an online study say they've engaged in a 'foodie call,' where they set up a date for a free meal. These women score high on the 'dark triad' of personality traits as well. ..


  LEMONADE might be the most popular of drinks of all times. Not only it is refreshing and tasty it’s very easy to make, and when you use your imagination, you can make a variety of lemonade. Here is twist to your favourite drink. Ingredients to make the Sugar Syrup 1 cup Sugar 1 cup Water Ingredients for the Water Melon, Pineapple, Cucumber, Rose and Mint Ginger Lemonade 4 cups Water Melon Cubes deseeded 10 tbsp Sugar Syrup 10 tbsp Lime Juice 30 Ice Cubes 3 cups Pineapple Cubes 2 ..

Balancing lives for the better

   Women in today’s world are equal to men — both in opportunities and responsibilities. She may be the boss at office, a wife who builds a better home for her family, a mother raising her children or a teacher who imparts knowledge to youngsters. Five women nutritionists from across India share how women can efficiently balance their lives for better.Mumbai-based nutritionist Madhuri Ruia says, “Women, today, need to focus on building energy reserves to maintain work ..

Pudina: A global herb that helps digestion

      By Rajendra Diwe,What grandmother says:Prepare chutney of Pudina leaves and eat regularly to treat digestive problems.Add few leaves of Pudina in buttermilk and drink for three to four times in case of gases, indigestion, etc. Four to five drops of Pudina oil or menthol can be consumed with one tea spoon sugar to relieve indigestion and soothe an upset stomach.Apply drops of Pudina oil on wounds with cotton.In asthma consume mint to get soothing effect.For ..