PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s meetings with the world leaders and the declaration at G20 Summit that today’s era must notbeofwar,reflectsonething for sure -- India has a strong leadership rooted in Indian values but transcending the boundaries of nation in impact. One more thing that becomes clear is that India is amongvery fewcountriesnow that have a strong leadership. For, much of the p r e s e n t - d a y world is bogged down by crisis. As is known, the world is passing through a phase of ..

Time to up‘grade’ the preparations

MARKS in exams don’t always equal brilliance or intelligence. Yet, to grow and develop in life, for cognitive thinking, one has to have at least some basic level of education. And what exactly one has learned during one’s school and college going years can only be determined if there are some testing agencies that can examine the knowledge and wisdom, the analytical, logical and rational reasoning skills that one has developed through one’s educational phase. Everything was normal till 2019. A few ..


AS INDIA continues to rise in the new global order on the strength of its traditional stability and spiritual thrust to decision-making for the benefit of the larger society, a dangerous dungeon is getting created around it. The cookie is crumbling at a brisk pace in the neighbourhood where Sri Lanka and Pakistan are wallowing in a meltdown of their own making. Driven by myopic policies and reckless economic dependence on a deceitful partner in China, both the Indian neighbours have weakened to a ..

Crisis-ridden Lanka needs course correction in choosing friends

   By Kartik LokhandeThere is a wonderful story in ‘Panchtantra’. A white lice named ‘Mandavisarpini’ lives in the soft mattress on the bed of a king. She used to suck his blood gently when the king fell fast asleep...

Dangerous game

Taken separately, all these developments appear separate verticals in the panoply of domestic Indian politics. If considered together, a dangerous connection emerges from beneath the surface to stun us, to threaten not just us the people but also hit at the very foundation of India’s sovereign system of democracy in which Parliament occupies a central spot as a peak symbolism of representative democracy. All these developments seem to challenge not just some laws passed by Parliament, but also challenge ..

The idiotic divisive game

The conspiracy is clear -- to create social divide, foment communal trouble -- by promoting utter falsehood about incidents that never happened. What kind of politics is this? What kind of social discourse do these people want to introduce? It is time we found answers to these disturbing questions and find effective response to demolish the falsehood that is being heaped on the larger society. There are multiple points of reference here: One is about what was reported to have happened in Tripura a ..

Cops against Cops; State against Centre

  By Vijay Phanshikar :  No matter the justification various segments offer for their respective actions, the overall picture at least in Maharashtra for about the past one-and-a-half years is that cops are poised against cops -- thanks to ..

India is ready to bet on risks

THE amazing bull run the BSE Sensex had last week to soar past the 60,000+ mark was a clear indication of India’s resolve to go for the risks despite conflicting global cues. Amid lurking fears of another slowdown triggered by the debt default by Chinese real estate giant Evergrande, investors shrugged all the cues aside and decided to bet on India. Defiant on emerging out of the COVID-19 shadow India is simply not ready to get bogged down. The prime factor behind the continuing resurgence of markets ..

A bizarre bazaaaar!

The detail of the form may differ from time to time, but the content has always remained the same -- giving the Congress party the look of a bizarre bazaaaar, where nobody knows what is coming next, which dangerous turn things are going to take the very next moment. This is what is happening there, in the country’s oldest political party. Everybody is shouting himself or herself hoarse, selling not an idea or a product but himself or herself as the most precious thing in the organisation. Rahul Gandhi, ..

The man. The energy. The spirit.

Such energy! Absolutely beyond the common reach -- and common comprehension. In sixty-five hours in the United States and the United Nations, Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi had the energy and enthusiasm to have as many as twenty high-power meetings -- upon whose outcome depended the well being of a big chunk of global humanity. And within moments after his return to New Delhi on Sunday afternoon, the Prime Minister had all the time and energy and sense of purpose to hold a two-and-a-half hour meeting ..

Afghanistan: Whose baby will it be, anyway?

Each time before entering the ring against a high-profile challenger, heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson would proclaim, “Everybody has a plan until they run into a punch in the mouth.” How the assertion holds true in the present situation in Afghanistan. As the conflict-torn country recoils in unabated violence unleashed by the Taliban militants, seeking absolute supremacy, all the lofty plans hammered out through an illusory truce process initiated at the behest of a home-sick United States ..

The father-figure showering empathy

The nation has a father-figure -- provider, care-taker, soothsayer, motivator, dreamer, protector, comrade, practical wake-up-caller, eternal emotional cohort of everybody -- in Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. He is there at all times -- good and bad and indifferent. He is by your side whenever you, the person, and you the society, need him. At most moments, his face is stern, with only a suggestion of a smile on his lips, and a looking-into-nothingness stare in the eyes. But when you need him, ..

Opposition in early throes of ‘splunity’

Eventually, the Opposition parties may be able to cobble what can be described loosely as a united front as the country nears the next Lok Sabha elections in the summer of 2024. But for the present, they are playing an interesting game whose name can be ‘splunity’ (a combination of split and unity). At least for the present, when the Opposition parties talk of unity, some among them are already talking of split in their ranks. This was the picture when Congress leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi invited Opposition ..

Busting disinformation racket

The expose` of how foreign money was being routed into the country through the portal Newsclick endorses once again an already nationally-known fact that a lot of overseas elements have been colluding with their Indian accomplices to destabilise India and malign the country’s fair image. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has done very well to keep its campaign focused on all such anti-national activities -- aided and funded by international vested interests. The ED will certainly probe deeper into ..

Preparing for narrative without substance

T HOUGH he may have describedhimselfina television interview before recent West Bengal elections as an “overrated” political strategist, Mr. Prashant Kishorewasobviouslytryingtofudge hispoliticalplans.Hiscurrentmeetings with various political bigwigs, however, indicate that he harbours a possible ambition of emerging as a leading Opposition figure in the fight against Prime Minister Mr. NarendraModi--obviouslywiththe 2024 Lok Sabha elections in sight. Much gist was added to this speculation particularly ..