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Following his own rule

Celebrated fashion designer Gaurav Gupta recently unveiled his brand’s debut couture store at Galleria 1910 in Kolkata. In a chat with the author, he opens up about fashion, his brand and more... What is your view of Kolkata fashion. I think Kolkata is a very interesting city. It is a cultural hub in general. It has a lot of rich literature, detail to thought and design and appreciation of design. Fashion wise, I think Kolkata people have an attention to detail and fine things. Fashion here is not ..

How To Cook Food More Nutritiously

Eating nutritious food is not an option, it’s a necessity for a healthy life. With majority of the world’s population suffering from one or more kind of nutritional deficiency, it becomes even more important to make sure your food has all the essential nutrients in sufficient quantity. For a healthy and nutritious diet, you need to cook your meals..


   BY BIRAJ DIXIT : “Nothing succeeds like success.” Indeed, success is the ultimate destination for every dream cherished, every step taken, every effort made. And yet, like an elusive maiden, it may not smile on every endeavour. Upon the long chequered path, at the end of which success resides, many have lost their way and many have slipped in the final moments. Only a few make it to the other side. Success, the sweetheart, has given immense joy and acute sadness to so many. ..

Are your kids proud of you?

 By Dr Pragya Mathur Kumar :  Awkward as it may sound, this question is meant for all parents who have high expectations from their children. We constantly needle the kids with inputs that compare them to their peers, that put them on the defensive and very often, send a message “you’re not making us proud”. The behaviour and academic performance of kids is in the limelight at all times. In just about every aspect of their life, they feel the heat. At school, the PTM is ..

Read, oh leader!

 By BIRAJ DIXIT :  LIVING in a democratic state all your life where you get to vote regularly, tweet condemnations virtually every day, write letters to the editors of newspapers, issue threatsto sue people in courts and blast your own government’s economic policies in drawing room discussions, you tend to believe in equality a tad too much. Alas! That myth has been busted now.     The Orwellian wisdom of ‘some are more equal’ and definitely above, ..

Most female entrepreneurs don’t get desirable support from their spouse yet in India: Rashmi Bansal

 Non-fiction writer and entrepreneur Rashmi Bansal was the guest at An Author’s Afternoon presented by Shree Cement Ltd and organised by the Prabha Khaitan Foundation in association with Taj Bengal Kolkata recently. As Bansal launched her new book Shine Bright, the author shared stories of several successful people who found mention in the book. IBNS correspondent Souvik Ghosh brings excerpts  How different is your new book Shine Bright? It's little different from the previous books. ..


By ANANYA BARUA : “From discovering a crucial gene to pushing a ban on landmines, the women speakers at this year’s TEDx Gateway Salon have some truly inspiring stories to share!” Born out of the centuries-old oral tradition, the art of story-telling has always been a powerful tool of communication. We all are storytellers capable of spinning tales to entertain, to influence, to inspire, or to express our thoughts. But sometimes, the stories of a few incredible individuals ..

The humble Khichdi is haute-cusine

 By QUAID NAJMI: This backbencher dish has been an all-time favourite of Shah, who has been relishing the concoction prepared by his mother and grandmothers for years.  Guess what dish turns on Jitendra Shah, a Mumbai-based tour operator-turned-restaurateur? Something that turns off most people -- the humble and dismissively prepared Khichdi. This backbencher dish has been an all-time favourite of Shah, who has been relishing the concoction prepared by his mother and grandmothers ..

Pictures of a Nation

Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine What indeed is a nation, if not its people, their strength and their sentiment of oneness? Indian Nation has often seen many attempts to analyse it - people picking up a fragment to confuse it for a whole or looking at the whole with fragmented eyes. Yet, understanding its soul and wit has been an arduous task. It is as gigantic as the nation itself and as miniscule as ..

Sonal Singh’s nuanced tryst with art -- and its business

 By Siddhi Jain: For Christies India Managing Director and art specialist Sonal Singh, collecting artefacts began at the age of four with a coin album and a stamp book. Steering the business operations of a leading global auction house now, and handling Indias modern and contemporary art firsthand, she observes how the Indian art market is gaining ground and what our culture budget should not overlook. “Collecting has been a long-established legacy in India, instilled by the royal ..

Here! Hear it out…, will you?

  By BIRAJ DIXIT:   OF all the skills that humanity has known and nurtured, talking is the one most practised. Despite wise men and women of all times having counselled against it so strongly, the human race’s inherent devotion to tongue-wagging always tips the balance in its favour. Wise people of all times insist that for the betterment of the world, it is the skill of listening that should have been the most-practised. But when has mankind listened to wisdom? The ..

Watermelon Beauty Benefits

 By Shahnaz Husain: Believed to have originated in South Africa, Watermelons are best during summer months. Watermelon, the coolest fruit needs no introduction. It has been on our list of favorites since we were kids, and it will continue to remain. The cool fruit require temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius or above in order to grow is available all the year on streets on Rehris in diverse varieties - sweet, bland, and bitter. Watermelon known as a super juicy fruit in summers is commonly ..

Update Fashion Accessories

 Accessories can be real statement pieces and a way to show your personality in an otherwise classic outfit. Fashion accessories are a great way to spice up any wardrobe, especially one that could use an updating. Are you interested in updating your appearance, at least in terms of your fashion? If you are, you may not only want to examine the latest in clothing fashion trends, but also the latest trends in fashion accessories. Fashion accessories are rapidly increasing in popularity, particularly ..

Your attention please, Ma’am FM…

 By Biraj Dixit:   Madam Finance Minister. It is absolutely heart-warming to address you thus. It is like a long-cherished dream fulfilled. To add a ‘madam’ to the revered position of finance minister, absolutely wonderful! Some may ask why create such a fuss when we already had a Madam President, Madam Prime Minister and even a Madam Defence Minister. But this would be like taking over the last-male-held bastion. For, all those talks of breaking the glass ceiling, ..

High on heels, low on freedom

 By Madhumita Mookerji: Is it mandatory for women to wear high heels at workplace? A raging debate has been going on in Japan where actress and writer Yumi Ishikawa submitted a petition to the country’s labour ministry complaining against an employer-imposed diktat that makes high heels a part of women’s dress code in office. Apparently, this has been a simmering dissatisfaction among the Japanese women working in the corporate sector.  Otherwise why did the petition amass ..

YOGA is better than YOYO Diets

 By DR Manoj kutteri:  A weight loss journey doesn’t come to an end with you attaining certain weight loss. This is where it begins. And there is nothing truly explaining this idea more than YOYO diets. You lose some pounds after following a very strict diet like Keto or GM diet. But the failure to translate the diet into lifestyle leads to you gaining weight all the way back. The on and off journey of fancy fad diets continue with no healthy changes in your life. YOGA, on the other ..

Creative Women worldwide take it easy at Etsy

 By margaret austin, trna chatterjee, tara lang, ian nickens  As the sun rises over Kolkata, India, Agnika Banerjee settles behind a desk in the corner of her room, preparing for 8 to 10 hours of crafting delicate and detailed miniatures. Nine hours later, as daylight warms the Midwestern plains in Columbia, Missouri, Melissa Tipton gets ready to mold polymer clay into tiny versions of colourful foods. These two women on opposite sides of the world are turning creative passions into profitable ..

We, the angry people!

 By Biraj dixit:   “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” - Ambrose Bierce YES, Yes, Yes…We know that to be so true - a lot of it from first-hand experience. Yet angry words are all over – in homes, in offices, on streets, in traffic jams, on television, on radio, on internet, in public and private spaces, in smiles, in tears. We are angry people with regretful speeches. Some people got angry over death of a loved ..

Women Entrepreneurship rising in India

  “ Gone are the days, when the society used to look up for men as leaders of business. In the modern era, women are breaking the clichéd roles of housekeeping and discovering new domains. FromTech, Auto, Fintech to lifestyle and health verticals, women entrepreneurs have done wonders in their venture. We can proudly say that women entrepreneurship is not an obscure concept any longer With everyone working towards an economic setup where women entrepreneurs are completely ..

The heat is on!!!

 By BIRAJ DIXIT: Oh, the heat is simply too much to bear! It is not fair that one nation should be bombarded with so much hot matter. Of course, the resilient Indians can bear a lot of heat, but that does not mean their patience should be put to test every now and then. They need respite. They also need cool comforts of easy and happy thoughts. The temperature, of course, is up to its usual summery blitzkrieg and is thinking of nothing while gaining in degrees. But that is the usual hot-as-hell ..

Styling tips for office going women

 By Bhavya Chawla: Be it clothes or accessories, don’t go overboard with them during this season... Embrace Indian wear Do: Nothing like Indian clothing for the summers since we Indians have mastered the art of using natural fabrics quite effortlessly for almost all occasions. Sarees and kurtis are perfect for workwear and completely HR approved ! Buy sarees that are made of natural fabrics, team them with hakoba blouse or cotton crop tops with boat neck or peter pan collar. As far ..

Skin Pigmentation and its Home Remedies

 By shahnaz husain: These days, skin infections are becoming quite common due to the ever-increasing problem of pollution, over exposure to sun, irregular sleep, hectic life style and hormonal imbalances Skin pigmentation is a common issue faced by most of us in form of sun spots, age spots, freckles, sun damage, or melisma making skin look dull, lifeless uneven and ruins its texture completely. It also starts drying out the skin making it darker and patchy. It is caused by overproduction ..

“Bola thaa na…!”

  By Biraj Dixit:  In another couple of days, the nation would know its mandate. People would know whether their inked finger has left its mark or got chewed in anticipation of a nail-biting finish. The final outcome of the massive exercise of elections would end up with some toned muscles while some others flexing theirs. And finally curtains would be drawn on elections as held in the drawing room discussions and studio hullaballoo. The predictions of the exit polls will finally face ..

Momentous, not momentary

 By Biraj Dixit:   ‘Mother’ - the word, the person, the institution, the tradition - will soon get inundated on a particular day with applaud for being what it has been for ages. In the world where it is getting rarer to acknowledge what one truly sees, one full day of acknowledgement and eulogy is indeed wholesome and lovely even for the high office of a ‘mother’. Soon enough mothers would reclaim their position as most special. Salutations would smile ..

Is sugar ageing you?

 By shahnaz husain: Do you love desserts, pan, sweets after hearty meal? If you can’t do without sweets and sugar laden food items then chances are you are unknowingly damaging your skin. While you might consider yourself to be following a reasonably healthy diet, the average person in Indian Metropolitan cities currently consumes a whopping 300 teaspoons of sugar each week - often without even knowing it. Indeed a large proportion of our deadly sugar intake is hidden within seemingly ..

Prawn Malai Curry

 By sumit paul:  Bengal’s creamy gift to the gourmets  There’re certain dishes which have such phonetic vibrancy and efficacy that you’re sure to fall in love with them just by hearing their mouth-watering names. Bengal’s Prawn (Chingri in Bengali) Malai Curry is one such culinary wonder that the very mention of it can warm the cockles of connoisseurs’ hearts. Sea-food lovers simply swear by prawns and its other species viz, shrimps, lobsters, prawnzilla ..

What’s The Damage?

  By shahnaz husain Easy Fixes For Your Worst Summer Hair Problems  There’s a lot to love about summer, but awkward tan lines, sun ravaged dry hair, ugly sweat stains, are some of the embarrassing summer beauty issues that are coming our way, With a little care like bearing turban, drying your hair with a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel, use an Argan oil in your wet hair, using a wide toothed comb you can look drop dead gorgeous by taking simple home remedies instead of ..

Shine For That Special Occasion

Preparing for a romantic dinner, a gala event or a charity ball? Here are some tips and must-dos to help you look your best for that special occasion...   It could be an anniversary dinner, a gala ball event, a wedding dinner to attend, or perhaps it’s your own wedding day - here are some tips on primping and making yourself look your best for that special occasion! Clear your work & schedule some time to relax: The last thing you’ll want is to stay up all night before your ..

Deeply religious. Aren’t we?

 By Biraj Dixit:     RELIGIOUS festivals - those meeting points of superlative enthusiasm, ritualistic precisions and co-existential chaos in divine presence - had kept me engaged for many days now. I have been utterly religious these past few days. Religion has this propensity to bring the deepest within you out in the open and I am so delighted to meet myself. “Deeply religious,” they have called me, and I am pleased to no end. Yet something deep is somehow ..

Know the essential skin-care regimes for your 30s

  Skin care regimes adopted in our teens no longer remain relevant in our 20s. Similarly, the products we use and the time we spend on taking care of our skin in our 20s changes in our 30s.  Failing to recognise the subtle changes in our skin's needs could leave us baffled when skin problems start emerging despite our best care. When it comes to your skin, knowledge can truly be powerful. Skin expert and co-founder of Epique (manufacturer of skincare products), Divya Mehta, suggested ..

The Power Of Outdoor Play: Getting Dirty

   Do you despair every time your kids get grubby? Time for a re-think. Being outside and exploring nature is a vital part of your children’s development and getting filthy is all part of it. Here’s why… It keeps them naturally fit The benefits of the natural exercise your kids get from running around outside, playing games like hide and seek, ‘it’, or cops and robbers, are immense. Kids who are active have stronger bones and muscles and are less likely ..

Ways To Use Aloe Vera For Weight Loss

   The properties of aloe vera make it one of the most useful and magical ingredient for health care. Its daily use has proven to improve overall health as well as help you lose weight. Start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle with our finest tips on how to use aloe vera for weight loss. It’s amazing how aloe juice can help in speeding up metabolism which in turn will promote proper digestion. Improved metabolism means that your body burns calories and fat much faster than ..

Natural Facial At Home For Glowing Skin

By shahnaz husain: Is the stress starting to show on your face and your skin is losing its radiant glow, luster and texture due to growing age, pollution and hectic life style. Is the dull skin making you feel less than your best in the midst of friends, work and relationships and there’s absolutely no time to head to the spa for a facial due to professional commitments . The professional facials are fantastic and decent to get back glowing skin typically seen as a sign of healt..

Little Things That Help To Enhance Beauty

  By shahnaz husain,  Looking your best doesn’t have to be expensive or unnatural. Being more beautiful and attractive is easy when you make a few small changes to your beauty regime . One needs to be ambitious and focused to turn into a more beautiful and confident person inside out. Sometimes we just want to feel like we look our best but there is no easy way to look better instantly. Swapping out some daily habits and being more aware of other lifestyle factors can enhance ..

A delicacy for leisurely gourmets

  By sumit paul;  “Eating crabs is a sublime art and very few are good at it,” late Anthony Bourdain aptly observed. Though a crustacean like prawns and lobsters, crab wasn’t very popular among the Indian foodies until a couple of decades ago. The reasons being its rather bizarre shape, which’s not very good to look at and the difficulty in breaking its shell open to scoop its flesh which’s not much in quantity. But thanks to social media, exposure ..

Putting your best face forward: 5 holiday beauty tips

  Now that the holiday season is here, you’ll likely be attending more parties, gatherings and social events than normal. After all, this is the season for celebrating with friends and family, while also meeting fun new people. As you relax and socialise, you’ll also want the confidence that comes with looking your best. Recent research suggests we make first impressions in one-tenth of a second, and often faces are the first thing we notice. “Our eyes settle on features ..

Travel in style

  Make your life easier while travelling by rolling your clothes while packing and carrying a tote handbag for utility, suggest experts. Shivani Malik Director, Da Milano and Tushar Ved, President Major Brands India Pvt Ltd, for Charles and Keith have shared simple tips for travelling. Packing style: It is always advisable to roll your clothes.  When it comes to packing toiletries, always carry smaller bottles. If you can arrange for sachets, nothing like that. Choose a proper handbag: ..

Testing times

     By Biraj Dixit,     Memories - a flood, whose raging waters often inundates parched souls and fills the living with life! It can light up dim corridors, clear hazy rooms, open tightly shut windows, and flutter back pages of long forgotten notebooks. It can bring to life mirth and laughter, zing and zest, frolic and fortitude and can also awaken ghosts of despair and despondency, time’s many tirades, life’s many tests. Of late, I myself ..

Benefits of Strength Training

   By MAHESH S KALE, Cardio for women and strength training for men - this is nothing but a myth that this article tries to dispel.  What if women knew that a specific type of training might help them with improved metabolism, enhanced muscle strength and power, healthier heart and lungs, high energy levels, sound sleep, corrected body posture, better mobility, clearer complexion, low stress and anxiety levels, increased bone density, shedding those extra pounds all while ..

Switch Off To Self-Switch On

  By sharmilee agrawal kapur,  A woman’s priority list will always have her family at the top, followed by work, her friends and then her. All these aspects of her life demand so much time from her that she's often left wishing for that 25th hour just so she can have that extra hour for herself! Unfortunately, while the present is a gift; and time is precious, we need to make sure we gift ourselves some ‘time’ in this ‘present’ moment… and create ..

Watch it!

Watch it!..

Face Scrubs To Avoid Dirt And Dullness

    By shahnaz husain Dull,  dry, lusterless skin is result of regular exposure to dirt, dust and pollution in environment which accumulates toxins in deep pores. While washing and cleansing help get rid of superficial build up on face but misses out dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads. Face scrubs are must to clear dead cells and remove toxins from deep within pores for radiant, clear and flawless skin. Packed with the goodness of natural ingredients and essential ..