‘Know your mind’

Q. Hello ma’am. What are your beliefs about hypnotherapy? Can you please suggest online recognised course to become a certified hypnotherapist in India through which we can practice the same. Thank you...

THE PFI TALE:From SIMI 2.o To Turkish Link To Ban

Following the nation-wide raids and arrests, since the Government of India imposed a ban on Popular Front of India (PFI) and its associates, some elements have been raising a lot of hue and cry over the move. However, as the National Investigation Agency (NIA) probe and PFI’s activities in the past years reveal, the ban appears to be justified. In fact, there is more to this than what meets the eye. Whatever has come to fore, agencies feel, is just the tip of the iceberg and there is more to the PFI ..

‘Focus on personality & character development’

 ■ By RITA AGGARWAL (Consulting Psychologist) ABC : Q. I want to share a problem of my friend who has a daughter who is very rebellious. She is in Std 9. My friend is earning and feeding the whole family, husband is good but doesn’t ..

COP in a bind

A STHEworldis gearinguptoprepare for the 27th Conference of theParties totheUnitedNations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), or COP27 in popularparlance,itwillbeopportunetotake a look at some of the issues that need aconsideration.For,thesearetheissues that may affect the processes through which the nations may achieve the goals or lag in fulfilling the commitments. In fact, since the COP26, a lot has changed in the world and new factors have comein.For instance,theRussiaUkraine war has ..

Panchaali: Re-lived, relieved

DRAUPADI: A woman or a divine incarnate, powerful or powerless, triumphant or defeated, condoned or condemned? The many pages of the great epic Mahabharat in which Draupadi dwells have so magnificently etched out her character that she seems to embody all the above and so much more. And while many may argue for or against her, no one will deny that she had been treated most cruelly by her times and people. Till date, she remains the face of women treated unfairly in a world dominated by men. Her story ..

‘Self improvement is the key’

Q. I am from Hyderabad and I am studying in Class 12th. I live in a joint family and two months ago, I lost my cousin brother in an accident, which happened in front of me. I didn’t cry for first four days and then on fifth day I went into my room and shed tears for four hours. I was very close to my cousin brother. He was the one with whom I shared all my secrets. I am in a very pathetic situation because I am still struggling through it. I feel that he is there and I can’t sleep because I always ..

Bollywood Follywood

These words of Lord Krishna in Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta, elaborate the reason behind the current phase of the Hindi film industry popularly referred to as Bollywood. Bollywood stars, directors, producers, trade analysts, and even the copycats have started speaking about boycott calls for various movies trending on social media. In the voice of some, one could sense fear of loss of investment made in a movie. While, in the voice of some others, one could sense still-prevailing arrogance. Since this trend ..


● He and his brothers -- all in their teens (elder brother Babarao, he himself Tatyarao, and his younger brother Balarao) -- formed the country’s first secret revolutionary organisation titled ‘Abhinav Bharat’ (Modern India) clearly resolving to launch an armed struggle to overthrow the British rule...

‘Improve your personality’

Q. I am 20 year- old girl. I am in a relationship since past three years. I have a boyfriend we are from same city, but for certain months we stayed in long distance relationship, we do trust each other a lot, he loves me a lot so do I, but we do have arguments, small fights. I am little emotional he understands this, but when we fight I just keep on crying and after certain level of argument I start self- harming such as hair pulling or banging my head, throwing things and scratching hands and ..

‘Live with dignity’

My life is miserable and I remain depressed. I have tried many things but my luck is bad. I was a teacher and have worked all my life. I am a strong woman and have struggled a lot in my life. Things were better and my husband’s business was doing well. My life changed after my husband suddenly died due to a heart condition. I am a widow living with my son and daughter in law (DIL). My husband willed the property to my only son, which was not told to me. He has left a small amount for my maintenance ..


A blood-curdling scream shattered the calm stillness of the cold night, shaking everybody in the neighbourhood out of slumber. And then everything fell silent. No stirring. No movement, except the sound of hurrying steps crunching on the gravel on the road. The next morning, however, brought to light two mutilitated and almost naked bodies -- one of a woman and the other of a man -- with blood having dried on their torn skins. They were such a fine couple, very friendly, very helpful..

The truth-seekersof Pakistan

I n Pakistan, something is happening, worthy of attention in India. Though forming a very small minority, some members of Pakistani intelligentsia are asking questions, raising issues, daring authorities, even mocking people in power. They are making right noises, even though in the high-strung Pakistani society, they run the risk of being blamed and banned for blasphemy -- or even treason -- besides risking their lives. No matter the high-risk factors, these people are refusing to stop talking, asking ..

‘Career choices’

Q. I feel scared and nervous going to college. I want to leave my studies and do art work. I like to paint and sketch and cook. I hate college. The teachers are not good and shout at students. They always say ‘you will fail and remain uneducated’. They curse and use bad words. It’s not a good college. My parents want me to continue but at home I am happy, except when my parents get angry and upset and force me. I don’t know what to do and how to convince them. Please help me decide and what to tell ..

The grand truth of India’s ancient cultural nationalism... And the myth of Brtish-led unity

The little boy stood all naked in the bathroom enjoying the warm water his mother was pouring on him, his ears taking in the Sanskrit verse imagining that the water from the brass bucket was a mix of waters from India’s seven holy rivers -- Ganga, Yamuna, Godawari, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu, and Cauvery. To the culturally uninitiated, the verse may appear like a poet’s imagination. But millions upon millions of Indians have found the words inscribed indelibly on their heads and hearts. No accurate ..


V ictory was already in India’s kitty -- though formal document of surrender would come in a few hours. Assured of all correct details, General Sam Manekshaw entered the office of Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi, offered her a kadak salute, smiled cautiously and said in a formal tone, ‘Prime Minister, we have achieved our purpose. Official surrender will follow’. Mrs. Indira Gandhi responded with a controlled smile and said, ‘Thank you General. My congratulations’. Unprecedented nationwide celebrations ..

CAUTION & CO-OPERATION, necessary elements of India-B’Desh ties

Fifty years ago, on December 16, 1971, the signing of the historic Instrument of Surrender paved way for the birth of a new nation Bangladesh. Soon, the world’s map changed. The region’s geography changed. As years passed by, geopolitical situation evolved, throwing open a plethora of issues that having a bearing on the regional dynamics. In the Swarnim Vijay ..

A People’s War With Mission & Ambition For Liberation Of Homeland

FLASHBACK TO ‘DECADE OF WARS’ (1962-1971) is replete with three COMPREHENSIVE WARS namely (1) 1962, Chinese intrusion into Indian territory, (2) 1965, IndiaPakistan war (3) 1971, Bangladesh war. While the first two were out & out ‘Territory grabbing’ misdeeds of China and Pakistan respectively, the third one was quite distinct with different characteristics. It was indeed a people’s war with a mission and ambition for liberation of their homeland. Let us ponder over the anatomical details of the 1971 ..


The 1971 India-Pakistan War, or Bangladesh Liberation War, is also referred to as ‘The Lightning Campaign’. For, since the first direct military confrontation began on December 3, 1971, it took only 13 days for the war to end. The war, which saw a well-synchronised action of forces from the Indian side, came to an end on December 16, 1971, with the Pakistani General Lt Gen AAK Niazi signing the ‘Instrument of Surrender’ in Dacca in presence of Indian General Lt Gen J S Aurora. To understand how the ..

Vijay Diwas is the biggest victory in the history of India

Both India and Bangladesh celebrate 16 December as ‘Vijay Diwas’ when Pakistan Army was defeated in 1971 war. This was a Two Phased War, that is, first, the Guerrilla Operations by RAW and second, direct intervention by Indian Army on December 3,1971. Prior to the December 1970 elections in Pakistan, RAW sources inside army, political and diplomatic circle of Pakistan had given clear indications that in case Sheikh Mujibur Rahman got a majority he would not be allowed to rule Pakistan. Suddenly Pak ..

‘Men and women’

Shubreet Kaur Q. I had an affair 10 years ago, we were in a relation. He broke with me due to incompatibility, I got married, but divorced due to domestic violence and other issues. Recently, I saw him on social media and contacted him. He is not responding to my messages but stalking, even my message box is full with messages like,missyour ex,doyoustillloveyour exfromunknown sources.Ionlywantedtoresolve somemisunderstandingthat’s whyI contacted,butIdon'twanthimasboyfriendagain.What will be the right ..

‘Career needs detailed planning’

Q. Right now, I am studying in Std 12 and a JEE aspirant also. I am a good student, I scored 85% in 10th CBSE Board and was really happy. Also I thought that I will complete 11th & 12th and get admission in a good collage. I knew it was tough, but I was having confidence that I will work hard and will clear JEE. But the problem started when the education system came on the online platform. Firstly, it was very boring and as the time passed I started losing interest in studies. I tried, but there ..

The scripters of India’s true story, real glory

Y ears ago, when some of them started swimming, they were doing so against the current. They were only a handful, mostly mocked at by the larger society. Regardless, they persisted -- eventually attracting others, too, to join the difficult and even lonely swim. All they had in their favour was faith, an unshakable one. On its strength, they kept fighting the tide. Their numbers swelled slowly but surely. And in time, the current, too, changed its direction. Today, they swim in the direction of the ..

Happy resurgence of true sports culture

“Vijay aapke sar par nahin chad baithna chahiye, aur parajay aapke hriday mein bas nahin jana chahiye” (Victory should never lord over your head, and defeat should never get lodged in your heart)”. T his wise counsel of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to Indian sportspersons who just returned from Tokyo Olympics, was not just for that band of 129 national youth icons, but also for every Indian in every field. Stay always tuned in and tuned up for your cause, he meant to say. This statement was directed ..

Rekindling an old flame

R omanticism never operates on the mechanics of objectivity. It blooms in a glow of delirium that a magical moment throws up with a sudden spurt. This nation of romantics experienced that moment in Tokyo when life tip-toed into an old flame to rekindle a love affair that India has had with the game of hockey. That intimacy is back with a Bronze! Love has blossomed, yet again. The Bronze medal Indian men’s hockey team has earned to end an excruciating pain of over four decades in Olympics has the potential ..

‘Be intelligent and wise’

Ravi, Jabalpur. Q. I was engaged to be married since a year. Now my fiancé is saying no to marriage. She does not like me and likes someone else. I don’t know if the friendship is new or old. She was talking very nicely to me earlier. Recently I see her change her style and language. She has made utter fool of me. I love her and want to bring her back. Her family has sent message to us to wait for some time. I am losing sleep and losing interest in my job and work. How can she do this to me? I was ..

‘Contact Cyber Cell’

Q. I have known this for some time now. My mother has been cheating on my father. She has had many affairs over the years of which some were friends and some relatives. I can't understand what’s the problem with her. I even talked about this to her and she herself didn't know the answer. She keeps apologising to me about her past and I even decided to forgive her as I don't know what is the exact cause. But she drew the wrong conclusion to this and maybe she thinks I am supporting her to make new ..