Green! Blue. Aquamarine. Turquoise. Grey! Take away the colours from God’s palette and paint the skies and ocean of the Emerald archipelago - The Andamans, the dream destination of many a visitor to this heaven of tourism! It is a one and half hour flight from Kolkata to Port Blair. As the plane glided down and cascaded over the little city, the first view from above seemed ethereally fascinating ..


      By T G L IYER, Without doubt, you take one of the major steps in determining your level of happiness in life when you gain clarity on what is your purpose in life. Life purpose is hard to define as a single element because our life is made up of work, family, health and so on. Most people understand the term to mean the one thing they believe they are on this planet for.You might see your purpose in life as doing community work to help the poor. You might believe ..

The Amazing Journey Of Araku Coffee

       By MOHAMMED SHAFEEQ,   F rom tribal hamlets to Paris, Araku coffee has come a long way and is set to lure the taste buds of New York’s coffee aficionados this year. Started as a livelihood project ..

Assess your level of aptitude

        Q. I am going to appear for class 10th exams and I have to register into an entrance test institute like before Mar 14. I am confused about institutes as I want to pursue car designing as career. I’m not good at maths, so I think 10 + 2 in science then 5 years integrated course in the same in DYPDC will begood option. Kindly guide meabout integrated course.  Ans. This is a good question. Sometimes a student can feel stuck in an integrated ..