Happiness is with and within you

Q: You would say that everything appears to be fine with me -- a good job, apparent good health, a decent house, a fairly happy marriage, a little nice kid, and a career that often brings good news of pay hike or promotion, even in these COVID-19 times. I go to work -- from home. I spend whatever time with family. Yet, I have lost interest in things. I have lost appetite, and get disturbed when my wife pushes me to eat. My nights are spent staring in the darkness as I cannot enjoy sound sleep. I feel ..

Taking a gap in education is not helpful

Q.: Me and my friend had break-up with our partners and we told each other about that. He still follows ex-girl friend who does not respond to him at all. She loves some other guy with whom, too, she is uncertain. But my friend’s behaviour for me is bothering me sometimes as he is happy with me chatting all ..

Every Setback Is A Comeback

A wife on her deathbed called her husband and whispered “Keep romance in the lives of our children”. It was an impressive parting message which, as we reflect upon it, is deep with wisdom. She knew that all who meditate seriously upon life must know that the passing years make a terrific assault upon the zest of man’s spirit unless he exercises care. Napoleon said: “Men grow old quickly on the battlefields; they do in life also unless they are vigilant. Charles Lamb once declared: “Our spirits grow ..

Clear your mind

Q1. I was in a relationship for three years. Then she moved out of the city and one day she told me that I am not fit for her future, because she wants normal life consisting of husband and kids, which being a girl I cannot give her. She was never committed to me. But I was very confident about my love. That I thought would be impossible for her to get over me. I was wrong. She made out with a guy in her city and probably she is in love with him. I am doing fine. I am just a normal person with people ..


“S uccess is measured by the price a person is willing to pay. A winner is simply a man or woman who has become all that he or she ever dreamed of becoming.” Police Service in India has not grown out of the needs of the people. The Police was set-up and has evolved out of the institutions designed to serve the holding of the British and safeguard their interests at a low cost. Common people believe that the Police have been created and are expected to act as the conscious keeper of society but that ..

THINGS DON’T CHANGE, You Change The Way You Look

Although we consider criticism to be negative, it can actually be positive in helping us improve ourselves. In fact, no one enjoys criticism. We would like to believe that whatever we do is right even though we know that it is not true. When we do make mistakes, we would rather pretend that no one has noticed. But people do notice and sometimes they point out our errors. It may be their intention that we don’t repeat those mistakes in fu..

BEHAVIOUR Is The Mirror In Which One Shows His Image

G eorge Bernard Shaw wrote: “You see things, and you say ‘why?’ Others dream things that never were and say ‘why not?’” Most of us have far more ability than we think of coasting through life is fine as long as you are downhill but if you are going to climb a mountain then you better start your engine. It is not that people don’t want to; they don’t know how? If we show them how they will certainly pick up and do it. Mediocrity is for the mass..

‘Maintenance of mental health must’

Q. My friend left me and is always showing anger when I call her. She says not to disturb her as she is studying hard and wants to become a big person. She is very ambitious and was planning to go abroad for higher education. Even in the lockdown condition, she continues to say India is not so good as foreign universities and she must go out. I don’t want to leave India and I have to look after my parents as I am a single child of my parents. They love me and I care for my mother a lot. My father ..

Growth Is The Only Evidence Of Life

I saw once a board on the table of my colleague: “At the end of our lives we don’t regret the things at which we failed but regret the things we wished but never attempted”. The four principles to be followed in life are a clear goal, a definite plan, confidence and no fear of failure. The goal is more important because without it we are lost. But, equally vital is banishing the fear of failure. If we can develop a no-fear mentality we will be able to begin our journey and proceed ahead to reach the ..

When Galileo Underwent Quarantine!

I talian astronomer-physicist Galileo Galilei had some torrid time in the 1630s- he wasinpoorhealth, faced a house arrest and a trial due to a controversial book and also had to undergo quarantine for almost a month becauseoftheragingplaguethen,recounts a new book. Galileo and the Science Deniers is a historical biography on the life of Galileo by astrophysicist Mario Livio which gives a glimpse into the life of a “manwho was intellectually radical and well ahead of his time”. Galileo’s journey as ..

Repetition Of The Same Thought Makes Everything Possible

The mountaineer who does not cease moving when he reaches the top of the mountain can go only in one direction downwards. Like the Sun at its glory, zenith can only descend. Under conditions of desire, enlightenment cannot be obtained as it cannot occur. Our life is an odyssey. We are always on our way into something or out of something. It is not aimless, chancy wandering. It is the movement of fire on a mountain which travels in an unrelenting pursuit of its own fuel, a search for its continuing ..

‘Making difficult choices’

Q. I am 34 years old. I was an average student and working in the Middle East since 2017. My father passed away 10 years ago. I have faced many money-related difficulties in my life. We are a family of four siblings consisting of an elder sister, elder brother and a younger brother. Only my elder brother is married. These days, I am under a bit of a pressure to get married, but finding a life partner is not easy. Moreover, in my company, we are entitled to 60 days leave after completion of two years ..

Charkhole: Whispering Sky & Silent Mountains

When our train crossed Kisanganj in Bihar and reentered Bengal, I had no reason to notice any change in landscape because in this part of geography it is hard to differentiate between Bengal and Bihar. Here the zigzag railway track heading to Siliguri frequently runs between two bordering states. Soon we started getting ready to disembark at NJP station from where our onwards journey to the hills was planned. Suddenly there was enough to explode in joy. We all were in celebration mode to catch the ..

SUCCESS MEANS Different Things To Different People

There is the story of the Zen Master who considered a thief to be one of his teachers. He stayed with the thief for three months. Every night the thief would go out to steal and he would return empty handed. But he continued his efforts because he believed that one day he would be successful. It became clear that anyone who had the patience that the thief had was bound to succeed. There was a father who used to play with his son everyday, when he returned from office. One day he was not in a mood ..

‘Break out of loneliness’

Q. I am a 2nd year student of Bsc having Physics, Statistics and Mathematics as the subjects. I want to pursue my career as Marketing Executive or Sales or Advertising or a Newscast or any similar type of career. As I have great interest in these areas and fortunately I have a good personality and communication skills. Please guide me ma'am which way should I choose? ..


There is something extremely belligerent about the way development is imagined in today’s world. The intent of development is so consumed by individual measures of profitability that the greater good is hardly ever on the radar. Not only are these extremely myopic futuristic strategies, but also highly self-centered. The turning away of one’s focus from the bigger picture or simply by putting on blinders of ignorance will not push the problem away from the human race. In fact by doing so, the threat ..

‘Be grateful for what you have’

Q. I am locked in a relative’s home, which is in Delhi and I live in Bengal. I was on a visit for a short time and I and my wife got stuck here. It is comfortable and there is no problem here, but I am feeling somewhat depressed as the months go by. I was busy in my home with my friends and neighbours and would do little work with my business. Actually, I am retired and my children manage the business, but they would consult me from time to time. Now they are managing well and I am bored here. Nothing ..

To Succeed, We Must Believe That We Can

Once a great painter was sitting and throwing stones into a wayside pool and watching the play of light and shade upon the ripples. An ordinary man moving towards the town saw him and envied him. The ordinary man has to work throughout the day but this fellow was wasting his time. The painter was doing nothing constructive. The ordinary person murmuring and mumbling went to town and was returning after performing his task. He was amazed to see the same painter sitting near the same pool and throwing ..

Weddings 2.0

W eddings across the globe have been put on hold for the time being, resulting in a ‘Domino Effect’, thanks to the pandemic. Most weddings are expected to be pushed to the latter half of 2020 orthe beginning of 2021. However, on the brighter side, in lieu of the nationwide lockdownto-be-weds can utilise this time to better plan their wedding once the virus threat is down to negligible. The ‘New Normal’for celebrating weddings in the post-COVID-19 world is going to be different. With social distancing ..

‘Plan for future, not worry for future’

Q. I am in job but now I fear they are dropping people one by one. They are asking us to take less salary and many have said yes and some have said no Ithink. My anxiety has gone up and I cannot sleep. I have a family to take care of. What should I do? Should I look for some kind of business?..

Create The Habit Of Going The Extra Mile

A lmost any important task can be used as a vehicle for personal development. Work can be a path for personal growth and development. We can choose to make any of the tasks as a spiritual discipline, a discipline in the service of our own evolution. We can take the principles that build our personality and use our work as an arena in which to apply them with the result that both performance and personality will rise. We can take the same principle and apply them in any relationship that will flourish ..

‘Make each one responsible’

A Mother Q. My son is in college and due to Covid he is at home with us and doing nothing. I keep telling him to study a bit daily, otherwise he will lose touch with subjects and will spoil his habit too. His father does not say anything to him at all for he is also doing nothing sitting at home. He does not even talk to him or discuss with him future situation. All they do is eat, sleep and watch TV the whole day. Please advise...

‘Make your own choices’

Q. I am confused about my career. I had taken Science on the advice of parents and teachers, but I realise it is not for me. I have not done well in my Std 12 exams and do not expect much. I want to switch to Commerce, but how to convince my parents? They are very keen I go to IIT and that is making me sleepless and nervous. They have made it an issue with their friends that I will go to IIT. I was a good student till Std 10 and so they think I am Einstein. I must die for science and live for it. ..

‘Career time’

Q. I would like to state my issue. I fell for a respectable man four years ago. We met through family. I was swept by him because I found him a balanced person. We continued with chats for more than a year. He never committed. He was a divorcee, who didn't want to take the plunge again, but I liked his friendship as he was intelligent and grounded. Gradually he started losing interest. For the past 19 months he has read my posts, but not responded. I feel traumatised. My requests have no effect. I ..

‘Follow Covid-19 guidelines and relax’

Q.I am a patient of anxiety disorder and have few obsessions too.I have become very restless and worried with this pandemic. My sleep has reduced and I worry for me and my family. I am trying to control the situation, but are there ways of helping people like me. I am sure everyone is anxious, but I am more so...

‘Getting rid of mobile addiction’

Q.Ma'am, I hadmyBoardexams (PCB) now I am preparing for NEET exam. Earlier, when I confronted my parents about my interest of pursuing in Medical field, they disapproved, demoralised and were highly critical about it. Now they want me to do that when I changed my mind. Ma'am I want to join Civil Services, please tell me which subjects to choose after 12th. Thanks!..

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Who and what we surround ourselves with has a great deal to do with creating an environment that either champions us to be all we can be or sabotages us in this effort. When people support the values in daily life, we can say that we have succeeded. Every day that you live you are either experiencing by choice you are a victim of your environment.You are either living out of your values or at the whims of your ego. You are the source of everything that shows up around you. Most of us want to be more ..

Why rapes will not stop in India?

Four hangings as splints for a fracturing land. In caste-inequity normative India -- where mythology is becoming history, politically-inconvenient histories being pathologised, “antinational” students baton-whipped, minorities being demonised, rights selectively denied: all, viscerally-approved by majoritarianism -- its as if these hangings ..

‘Clear the career confusions’

Q. Ma’am I have appeared for my std 12 (CBSE) exam but had a compartment in maths subject. Due to some issues I was not able to appear for the maths paper and now I want to take admission again in std 12. Can I take admission again in CBSE std 12 or should I opt for State Board. I alsowant to prepare for CATexam. Can you please suggest to me which subjects and stream should I choose now, so that it may help me in my CAT later exam? Also in which board should I complete my std 12? Please guide me...

‘Connect to the real world’

Q. I am a guy, age 20. I have this feeling which doesn’t go away, unless I make myself busy. This feeling asks for affection, a human touch (hugs, holding hands, etc.), talking to someone without feeling insecure, etc. This feeling, this state, just doesn't goes away, why? Does day dreaming/wishful thinking about some imaginative and nonexisting situations makes me feel better? Probably, yes. Also, being asocial kind, I don't have many friends as there are very few people I find interesting. Many ..

Break bad habits for good

Like most of us, I spend way too much time online. Part of this is for work, but if I’m honest, a sizable chunk consists of mindless scrolling. I typically succumb during periods of boredom, though the stress of a deadline can lead me down a rabbit hole. Let’s say I’m, oh, I don’t know, researching a story on changing bad habits. Soon enough, I’m pinning an air-fryer recipe on Pinterest and buying a sherpa-fleecelined scarf. And I’ve tried willing myself to make today the day I don’t check social ..

‘Drink Exams, Eat Exams & Sleep Exams’

Yes, its exam time and tension is in the air! You don’t mention what level of studies you are in- whether school or college? Of-course it does not matter for an exam is just that for all appearing. Students who are fairly disciplined with their studies on a regular basis are better equipped to appear for the final exam. Their stress levels are low as their preparedness is on a higher level. Students with high levels of stress suffer due to various reasonsone is irregular disciplined study, second ..

We Are In A Race We Did Not Choose

Pythagoras who lived a little more than 500 years before Jesus Christ and whose genius ushered in the golden age of Greece taught his disciples to live for the day only. He urged them never to worry about anything especially what was over and done with which never can be undone! One of his most famous saying was “Leave not the mark of the pot upon the ashes”. In other words, wipe out the past, forget it, start the day afresh. It was the only way to achieve the peace of the contented mind. Long before ..

‘Choose career of your liking’

Economics is an evergreen subject and much in demand now with the globalization scene. Its scope is vast and the job opportunities are many too. Besides the Niti Ayog (what was called the Planning Commission earlier) where you could work, the banking sector is a huge sector for employment of economists. They work as financial risk analysts, financial planners and mathematics is a combination to have along with economics...

Follow your inclinations

Q. I am a 28-year-old man. My parents are looking for a match for me though I have said ‘no’ to many already. I am sorry about rejecting girls and it is bad to do so, but I have not been able to say yes to anyone. They are all good girls but I don’t know what I want from a girl? Can you help in such matters? I live outside Nagpur and will plan a visit if you say so? My family is annoyed with me and rightly so...

Talk To Yourself To Say The Right Things

A sk any achiever the secret of his success and he may say something like this: “Well, I had the right credentials education, experience and worked hard making minimum mistakes. I also happened to be at the right place at the right time. It may be true but what made him was that he became indispensable to the employer because he developed the right attributes to attract the employer’s trust and truth in transactions and performance. He played his leadership roles and willingly accepted difficult assignment..

Do not suffer, seek help

Q. I am 36-years-old and since childhood I have lot of fear in my mind when I have to meet strangers and specially talk to women/girls. Even though I am working now, the fear of people continues. I feel I might do something wrong if I take a step forward. Now due to this, I have developed problems in my stomach. I read your column and thought I should come and meet you. Please help me madam...

Learning to Love Myself

Bundled up in the cloak of obscurity, Trying to hide behind anonymity, My anxious self wallows in doubt, What’s uglier, my face or soul? What’s prettier, my fury or self-loathe? Brittle is my confidence that once soared with pride,..

The truth behind the ‘excuse makers’

It was a memorable audio tape I was listening to. I got the example of a sparrow that stimulated my thoughts and brought me back to another article. It was not only the example but something we do require to accomplish our goals and understand our internal world as well as the external world. Let’s examine something about our behaviour out of knowing this example. Everyone is acquainted with the sparrow. As we all know, sparrows have a nest to stay as we have a home. Here the learning begins. When ..

RSVP, a genuine aspect we need to follow

It is our culture that we make sure that all the events we host or are a part of take place in the best of the ways possible. The devising of the programme begins with sending beautifully created invites to our knowns. What do we write in it? Well, all the minutes as well as necessary details for the invitee to make it easier for them to reach us. In the very end of the card, we mention RSVP and the name, address and contact details of the hosts are inscribed. Right? But ever wondered why is this ..

Forget perfection and AIM FOR IMPROVEMENT

R eal is not how you are made. It is a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a very long time not just to play with you but really loves you, then you become real. It does not happen all at once but takes a long time. That is why it does not happen to people who break easily or have sharp edges or have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are real most of your hair has fallen, your eyes drop out, and you get loose in the joints. But these things don’t matter at all because ..


When a child is born, the only source of security and survival are the significant others around him.The grown ups have to take care and ensure no harm comes to the little one.The instinct to protect the offspring is very strong and parents even in the animal world go to great lengths to keep their babies safe. There are so many videos on the net of animal mothers risking their own lives to protect their young ones.Yet, beyond a point; this parental behaviour must give way and is replaced by a different ..

Handle with a mature mind

Q. My son is in Std 10, and preparing for his Board exams. But he is not studying with concentration and is engrossed in TV and mobile games. He was a good student till Std 8, but I don’t know what has happened to him now. He does not listen to me and tells me not to worry. He also keeps arguing with me. But I know he is not studying properly and I don’t know if he will pass with good marks. He is also confused about his future career plans and keeps changing them. Should I bring him for counselling?..

Troubles, Like Babies, Grow Larger By Nursing

All of us complain at one time or another. If you are wondering, you complain too much, simply ask your friends, relatives or associates about it. They will let you know! Complaining does not mean that you are searching for solutions. It does not refer to occasions when you share your life experiences and disappointments with others. Part of being human is sharing our experiences and supporting each other. That has been the true tradition of living a real life which is smooth and soothing in nature. ..

Depression disrupts good behaviour

 ■ By RITA AGGARWAL :     Q. I am losing my sleep and feeling irritated all the time. I feel like running away from home. I love my mother, but don’t like my father although I love him. He keeps shouting many times for small reasons and gets violent with my mother. She tries to keep calm, but she has started crying a lot. I feel helpless and want to take my mother away. My father has no bad habit of drinking or smoking, but bullies my mother a lot. He is getting worse. ..

Bondage & Liberation Are of The Mind Alone

Virgil (70-19 BC) wrote: “They can because they believe they can”. Good thoughts are no better than good dreams if you don’t follow through. Education is an admirable thing but it is well to remember that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. Also others cease to interest us when we find their limitations. Sometimes we dislike other people only because we dislike ourselves. So take care to correct it in ourselves. Also ideas are a capital that bears interest in the Hand of Talent...

Nothing succeeds like success

Over thinking and imagining situations of the future (reflecting your desires) and refreshing the good moments of the past is what you are describing as your state of mind. People avoid you and you don’t have good friends is another reality of concern to you. Well, sometimes a simple solution to this complex sounding problem could be to get into ‘action mode’ and get yourself engaged in activities of your interest. Make a list of things you would enjoy doing to some extent even if not greatly, such ..

Nurture Your Mind With Great Thoughts

The idea that we become what we think about has been expressed as the law of Dominant thought. This means that there is a power within each of us that propels us in the direction of our current dominant thoughts. There is nothing on Earth you cannot have once you have mentally accepted the fact that you can have it. The Bible says ‘If you believe you can achieve’. A positive belief system is the starting point for the achievement of any goal. The results you achieve in life starts with a positive ..


A t any point of time we should never underestimate our power to change ourselves. A Positive Attitude is a person’s passport to a better tomorrow. Think, Act, and Talk with enthusiasm, and you will attract positive results. When we think, speak and act in ways to support success, we are firing on all cylinders. That is the way to achieve great success in our lives. Our attitude is our window to the world. Better keep ourselves clean and bright since we are the windows through which we should see ..

Changes in behaviour are significant signs

Q. My son aged 10, does not want to go to school from the last 15 days. We have tried everything and even consulted our family doctor, with no success. He simply refuses to go and complains of stomach aches when we force him. The doctor says he may be facing some psychological issues. Do I need to come to Nagpur for counselling? Does he need treatment? Please advice? Ans. Yes, it would be better if you bring him to Nagpur and we can talk to him in person. Counselling is a safe method for treatment ..

Unwilling adjustments lead to resentments

My wife is having an affair and I know it from some time. I waited patiently and also spoke to her indirectly. She does not care for my feelings and she takes me for granted. I now get very angry and irritated over small things. The problem is I love her very much. I don’t want to separate from her but make her realise my love for her.We had a good life together for many years and I encouraged her to be independent and make friends. She goes to work in an office part time and met this guy there. I’m ..

Take Advantage Of OPPORTUNITY And That Is LUCK

View every temporary defeat as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Every problem you solve, every obstacle you overcome, puts you that much closer to achieving your final goal. If you try to anticipate every problem in advance, if you worry about everything that could go wrong before you even begin, you will never try anything. Life is a lot like climbing a mountain. If you expect to get from the base to the summit in a few easy steps,..

Beethoven’s Music Decoded

Researchers have characterised the musical language of German composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven for the first time, applying statistical techniques to unlock recurring patterns. ResearchersfromtheEcolePolytechnique FederaledeLausanne(EPFL)inSwitzerland found that very few chords govern most of the music,aphenomenon that is also knowninlinguistics,whereveryfewwords dominate language...

Solve the problem

 Q. I’m confused about by studies. Should I opt for MSc Psychology after BA Psychology. Or should I opt for MA? Is there any syllabus difference in them which may create difficulties in completing PG degree? Please suggest some good universities/colleges offering MSc and MA in Psychology.  Ans. You can either choose an MSc or and MA in psychology. There is a slight difference in syllabus for a science course can have a little bit of the biology and neurology. But it will not create ..

Good careers are made with good habits

 By RITA AGGARWAL : Q. Ma’am, I wanted to pursue Aeronautical Engineering, but then I opted for Computer Engineering. However, my PCM is below average and I am not eligible for engineering. On top of this, my caste validity is not ready so this year I can’t get admission. Now I’m confused. Should I try again next year or should I take a gap of a year and prepare for CET and try again for admission. I don’t know if my decision is right or wrong and I am worried how ..

Your right to live

 BY RITA AGGARWAL : Q. I am a 21-year-old girl student. My father has been drinking since he was 16 years old. My parents relationship is not working. My father was paralysed 5 years ago, but now he is right. My mother is the sole bread winner of the family. My father can work, but just doesn’t want to. My father needs money for his monthly medications and even my younger sister is studying. We are facing financial problems, even though my mother is trying very hard. On top of this, ..

The secret of success is making your vocation

 By T G L IYER:  Robert F Kennedy said, “Few will have the greatness to become History itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. In the total of all these acts will be written the History of the Generation”. The greatest good we can do for others is not to share our riches, but to reveal their riches. Always try to reveal the self esteem of others. Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility on him and to let him know that you trust ..

Relationships need to be managed

By RITA AGGARWAL: Q. I am a middle-aged woman and I feel very lonely and depressed. My marriage is on the rocks for multiple reasons and I cannot get along with him. He has bad habits and several other things make me feel that nothing is going well. I was working, but now I stay at home due to family matters. I need to meet you and seek counselling, but I am afraid of it. I don’t want medicines either as I am already on medicines for other problems.What should I do? I find no relief anywhere. ..

Early assessment and intervention is vital

By RITA AGGARWAL:  Q. I need help for my son who is in Std 5. He was an average student in lower classes and did well in arithmetic and some subjects. He always showed disinterest in writing although his writing is good. Now, he doesn’t show much interest in studies, but likes to go to school to play. He is active in sports and games and loves outdoor work. Tell him to study and he gets irritated. Can this be treated. Please advise.  Ans. Yes, such conditions in children are termed ..

Even good people make mistakes

  By RITA AGGARWAL: Q. I am a good student of Class XII. But lately, I do not feel like studying and want to sleep all the time. I get tired easily and worry a lot. I don’t have any bad habits, but there is a girl in my class who is trying to distract me and tries to catchmyattention. She isgood in sports,butaverage in studies. But she cannot be reason for my condition. My parents are worried. Can you help me? I want to score well in exams. Ans.There could be many reasons ..

PUT SOMETHING INTO LIFE & Get Everything You Want

  By T G L IYER: Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative art for a friend who listens to us when we move forward. We want to sit in their radius. When we are listened to, it creates us, and makes us unfold and expand. Active listening is one of the highest forms of giving. Stefen Covey encourages listening with the intent to understand. Through our choice to actively listen, we enhance our awareness, generate more options and provide a foundation on which we can build relationships. ..


 By ANAGHA SAWANT & SHAILENDRA KUMAR SINGH:  Over 160 kids die in less than 2 months due to acute encephalitis syndrome. The sudden spike in cases exposes the lackadaisical approach of primary health centres in addressing the issue and mounts pressure on hospitals For the past FEW weeks the situation at Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH), which is a well-known hospital in Muzaffarpur, is simmering with tension. It is a hospital where the children from the district ..

Spotlight syndrome

  By RITA AGGARWAL:  Last column on the ‘toppers syndrome’ enjoyed good feedback and today we have another syndrome for you to appreciate. Its about the single child syndrome and I am sure you know what I am going to talk about but do not brush it aside lightly for it is going to attract a lot of attention in the coming decade as more and more parents opt voluntarily for a single child. The demographic necessity of reducing the population to a one-child norm is good ..

Convince your parents

 By RITA AGGARWAL: Q. I feel disturbed madam. One boy in my class stares at me all the time. Till now I ignored him always and my friends mocked him several times. But now, it is bothering me and I am surprised. I don’t even like the boy and in fact hate him for his behaviour. I wanted to report him to our sir, but I did not do so. What should I do? Please help me.  Ans. He is certainly sick and has disturbed you too. He does not seem to be playing games for he was doing ..


 By T G L IYER:  A BRAHAM LINCOLN: used to say: “I do the best I can. I keep going if the end brings out the right thing. What is said against me won’t matter, if I try to do the right thing. If I am wrong nothing will make it right. All the water in the world will not sink my boat if it does not get inside. If I want to succeed I have to strike a new path. Remember, that the kite rises against the wind and therefore don’t be afraid of opposition. Happiness is ..

FROM SMART WATER PUMPS TO DRONES: Technology Is Changing Indian

  By ALOK KIRLOSKAR: Disruptive technologies and innovations in application engineering are fast changing farming practices in India. From preparing the land to sowing, to reaping and mentoring of the crop, everything today can be done with the aid of sophisticated technology driven systems. Irrigation also has become highly evolved with sophisticated fluid management systems that are well suited for meeting the challenges of bringing fresh water to the farmer’s fields, irrespective ..

Desk Workouts That Work

 By DR SATYEN MEHTA: People in all walks of life have realised that exercise play a significant role in their lives. Regular exercise often leads to healthy and longer life. This is one primary reason why young adults, health enthusiasts and people who wish to live healthy life indulge in different forms of exercises. There are some who like working out in the gym, while others may opt for yoga or Zumba. There are other different forms of activities such as swimming, gymnastics, running, ..

Responsibility of both

By RITA AGGARWAL: Q. I am married and have a son aged 2.5 years. My wife doesn’t show much interest in intimate activity and I feel starved. The frequency of intimacy is around 1-2 times a week that is only also at my behest. She never initiates on her own. Even during the activity, she doesn't play any active role. I have frequently asked her the reason for her indifference and she says she doesn’t find it interesting. Please guide us in this matter. Ans. This is a not so uncommon ..


 By T G L IYER: In World War-II Sergeant Paratrooper HAROLD RUSSEL lost his hands in an accident during training. Naturally, he was overwhelmed by a sense of failure and defeat! He was terrified at the idea of going through life with steel-hooks instead of real hands. He dreaded leaving the hospital someday and going out among the people again. He did not care much whether he lived or died. Such feelings come to everyone when disaster strikes suddenly and unexpectedly. One day CHARLEY MCGONEGAL ..

Motive, Motivation and Goals

  By RITA AGGARWAL:  ‘Why should I do this? Why should I exert? Why should I study hard? What will I do when I have a good life? What will happen if I become the best? What will I achieve if I become successful?’ One youth is constantly obsessed with the thought -why should I live? Such questions are important to give us the reasons and the purpose for doing something -they give us the motive. A clear motive or motives gives us the clear goals to set in our daily lives and ..