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The grandeur of grand scheme of our solar system!

 Long ago when I would look at the sky, I would wonder what's so intriguing? I thought Bollywood had just overrated the idea of stargazing and night skies. The Universe just looked fine to me, nothing alluring. Our solar system contains 8 planets revolving around the ‘Sun’. This reminds me of the time I believed there were 9 planets in our solar system, you guessed it right, well if you did. I thought the Sun was a planet too! I sense some thought I was going to say Pluto but sorry ..

Season’s first rain

 And it happened, it was like a surprise. Suddenly a voice outside the windows called for me.. I went near the window and the sight viewed was enough to make my day! Slowly and gently the rain drops were touching the ground and a great aroma filled my soul with delight. I felt good, I could feel each rain drop touching me like it’s only meant for me!! I felt like a new person, I felt like I was more happier than ever before. The essence of wet mud filled my heart with joy!! I was drenched ..

Procrastinate today to regret tomorrow

 Procrastination. A very common yet usually ignored topic that few discuss. We all have this habit of pushing things on the next day and then we end up either hustling about or never actually completing the task. Ever wondered why this happens? Like why does every time we have nothing but stress when it comes to finishing some task? This happens because of our habit of delaying things. What I don’t comprehend is the incentive behind this. Like why don’t we just finish off with the ..

Dad’s money

Dad arrives home after a long day of arduous work. As he takes a seat, bringing back the train of thoughts from all the frustrating things that happened with him away from home and adjusts himself for the things that might happen at home, Roshan, his 21-year-old son appears after a few moments with puppy eyes intended to make a request that might require several attempts to be granted...

Using SWOT for correct career option

Having spent so many years in counseling the students of various streams, it has become quite clear that students and their parents practically are not clear as to what they are looking for when they make up their mind while choosing career...

Stop doubting yourself

  “A dream you alone have is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” A famous line by John Lennon. Everyone has a dream deep in their heart, which is the center of what they want to do. But only eight percent of us achieve our dreams. Do you know the reason behind this? We start dreaming when we realize our talents and capabilities. And all the way we imagine the route and life around it. But as soon as we define our dreams to someone else, the very first thing ..

Listen to your heart

There is a lot of commotion in many families where children have just passed their X Board Examinations. They are confused about the Career Choices because of so many suggestions given to them by everybody. So many unwanted suggestions clog and clutter up one’s mind. In the midst of this big hullabaloo of suggestions, ..

Astounding communication with nature

  Often, I have been traveling from Nagpur to Katol. But this one journey was not only a trip but the journey of a vital lesson of life which nature taught me. Eventually, I realised nature wants to teach us life lessons but, we don’t wish to learn these miraculous lessons from nature. I have traveled many times by this same route but this was a memorable one because it sorted out the mess of my mind and gaided me astoundingly. It seemed as if nature was having communication with me. ..


The time of silenceThe beauty of natureAn attraction for everyoneIt is… The sunsetWhich calms down our stressMany hearts meetConfess to themselvesCommence their life with a promiseMany get relaxedForget the evilRelieves its stressAnd gets lost in the attractionA child plays in front of itDreams of having a bright futureAnd kind of its beautyA scenic beautyConnected to lifeAppears everydayTo make someone`s day.     Serena Collaco  ..


When you are hurt, but you gotta hide the painWhen you’re weeping inside toshed all the agony in your heart,But compelled to draw up thecorners of your lipsWhen your heart is shatteredinto piecesBut you have to gather them up by yourself and stand again!When your trust is broken again and again;But you can’t resist to have faith in yourself,Just to promise yourself that it won’t happen again!When you know that your efforts are never gonna end,But you keep on trying to achieve your ..

Life Tragic and funny moments

  LIFE - only four letters, but mean a lot. For every individual it is different. “The tragedy of life is not death but, what dies inside of us while we live”: Norman Cousins. When we read this famous saying it makes us think about our whole life. What is the purpose of our lives? What we are exactly doing with our lives? Why are we here?  How does it sometimes actually feel to feel nothing about our life? If we ponder over these questions and if our answers are formal then ..


  It is so awful to realise that most of the people are in a dilemma as to what they ‘NEED’ and what they ‘WANT’. Maybe our ancestors were satisfied and happy because they were pretty much sure about what they needed and what they wanted. They remarkably distinguished between the two. We must understand that not always what we want is what we need. American businessman, Warren Edward Buffet, talking in context of spending, said, “If you buy things that you don’..

To Quit

   Quit??Who thought I quit?They thought I wasn’t bold enough to win!Winning?What is winning?Who is a winner; one who does not quit? Or someone who is bold enough not to quit!What is bold?Who never loses,Or who never quits!Are they both same?   Laveena Keswani  Hislop College ..

Miraculous secret of failure

   I have been hearing that we learn from our failures, but what I believe is no one can learn anything from failure unless one is eager to win next time, face the next race with more the accuracy and more the vibrancy. A failure is not an end in itself. It is just a beginning of something new along with one more opportunity to enhance oneself. It also offers you a new mindset to work with a different angle and conquer any mountain.  After facing any failure life gives us two alternativ..

Before It’s Too Late!

   The other day after being scolded (their way of making me realise) by my parents, for coming back home late (almost quarter past 12 in the midnight) from a party, innumerable questions spurted in my mind and amidst all my insecurities, I raged against them (in a quest of perhaps making them realise), that I was not a kid anymore and I could chill out with my “cool behaving and smart looking” friends. My rage somehow managed to make them quiet, but my inner conscience ..


    DON'T CHANGE! BE A CHANGE...Hey dear, when you start smiling slowly slowly,Your future becomes bright slowly slowly.Stop giving life excuses,Otherwise one may do your misuses.Take every moment positively,Otherwise your future will affect negatively.If demotivated, life will turn a mess,Time you are having is less.Don't change yourself for changing people,Otherwise their thoughts will kill you as a weapon.Don't stop your innovative thinking,Become a driver of life and keep travelling..

Whoever I am, so are you I am beautiful!

    Whoever I am, so are you I am beautiful! So are you. If you think I am not, You belong to ugly milieu! I am nobody,So are you.  If you think you are somebody, you have a blurred view!  I am a learner So are you. If you think you are a master Look at the sky; it’s not always blue.  I am a human, So are you. Just because my road is different, Doesn’t mean I have a lost view.       Laveena Keswani  MA English  Hisl..

The Modern Sanyas

I have heard that people who live as ascetics are more mature and self-disciplined but I had never thought modern ‘Sanyas’ would be the new way today. Have we ever thought of being away from our cellphones or say technology. Time has changed so abruptly today that people are now active only on social networking sites..

Paradise on Earth

Where sorrow has no place to form, It never arrives though there’s a storm. Where happiness is sought in every birth, That’s where I see, Paradise on Earth..